Roofnest just got Fridges!!

Haha – that’s right, Roofnest is even cooler than it used to be.

We are stoked to announce our new 12v DC Fridge! Now you can take refrigerated (or even frozen) food and cold beverages with you on your next road trip without ever having to stop for ice! The Roofnest Fridge comes in Gray and (of course) Orange and will be a great addition to your car camping (or truck or van) setup!

Digitally set the temperature anywhere between -13° and +68° Fahrenheit to keep fresh food fresh, cold beer cold, or frozen food frozen. The Fridge can be plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and has a battery protection function that shuts the Fridge down when your starter (or backup) battery gets too low.

With a 40 liter volume there’s plenty of room for all your refrigerated food and beverages and the low power consumption of the Fridge’s efficient compressor will ensure the Fridge stays running day and night.

That orange is sweet right??

Right now and for a very limited time we are selling these babies for $495 – an incredible price for this sweet bit of kit!

For more information – check these out in our Store!