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Roxy & Ben


Wherever They Park

Tent Model

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Car / “Rig”

Promaster Van

Who Are You & What Do You Do?

We’re Ben & Roxy, living in a van on the road full time with our pup. We are full time Photographers and videographers for Elevation Outdoors and Blue Ridge Outdoors and seven awesome outdoor focused companies, including Roofnest, Stio, Mountain House and more.

Why Did You Start Live Outside & Play?

Connecting with nature and living each day spontaneously is high on our list of “Favorite ways to thrive.” This lifestyle works for us, gives us the freedom to explore and see parts of the US we never knew existed.

Working with outdoor focused companies to spread the love of the outdoors is the best part of this job. night, many times with the temptation to crash in the car vs setting up a tent. The super quick setup time on the Roofnest has been a real game changer. Nothing like a good nights rest on the road .

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