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What Do You Do In Your Freetime?

Explore as often as possible. I tend to wander when I am traveling alone so I can turn down any random road or trail. Rarely will I look at a map.

Many of my favorite campsites were found this way. Once I have scouted out an area i then save the best sites to go back to with friends to further enjoy the area.

Favorite Recent Trip in The Roofnest

One of my favorite recent trips was down to Death Valley to meet a group of friends for 5 days. I left northern CA 5pm. Drove till 5am to an area near our 7am meetup. Popped up the tent and took a power nap and then off to our trip kickoff meeting at 7. We then drove about 80 miles a day though the deepest nooks and crannies of Death Valley camping each night at an epic different location.

We went from high mountains, canyons and ravines to crazy giant sand dune. In the end I did 1500 miles in 4 nights/5 days.

What Else Should We Know About You?

I have seen more of Californias back roads in the last 15 month than I have in my entire life. A good roof top tent is well worth the investment. My Roofnest has kept me warm, dry, well rested and safe for all of these adventures. Heavy wind, rain, snow, dust, bugs,

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