Thanksgiving Dinner at Camp

Well flock, the leaves have come and gone here in Colorado and winter is rolling in. Although the cold weather is here to stay, that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop camping and neither should you. For the true die-hard campers who want to spend the upcoming holidays outdoors with their loved ones. We’ve decided to put together our top 3 favorite Thanksgiving dishes you can cook outside at your campsite.

So go grab a snack (this is going to make you hungry), and start planning your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, out in the woods! 


Campfire Turkey

Unless you’re vegan, you can’t have Thanksgiving without the main course, Turkey. While cooking a turkey at camp might be quite the task, we think it is well worth it. One thing to make sure of is bringing a meat thermometer to ensure your turkey is cooked all the way through. The best way to cook a turkey on the campfire is with a large dutch oven. Dutch ovens are made to replicate your oven at home by evenly heating everything inside. Make sure to get a stand for your turkey to sit on inside the oven so it is all evenly heated. 

Your first step is to burn a big fire for about an hour or so to get a large number of hot embers going. Next, prepare your turkey by covering it in olive oil and your favorite seasonings. Next, let the dutch oven heat up with some olive oil in it for around 15 minutes before putting the bird in. Stuff your bird with your favorite herbs and it is ready to go. The rest is pretty simple, throw it in and cover the dutch oven with hot embers, when they turn to ash replace them. It should take about 3 hours or so for your turkey to cook, once the inner breast is reading at 165 degrees you are good to go. Take your turkey out and let it rest for 15-20 minutes before carving!

Now it’s time for the sides.


Thanksgiving Potato Foil Packs

Another great way of cooking over the campfire is simply wrapping your food in tin foil. For potatoes, this is a no brainer. Our favorite Thanksgiving side is our spiced sweet potatoes and this is simple as can be on a campfire. Cut your sweet potatoes into small, thin slices and oil them up on your foil. You can season them with whatever floats your boat but we prefer using salt, pepper, cinnamon, brown sugar, onion powder, cumin, and garlic powder.

Once you’ve got them all seasoned and oiled up, make sure to wrap them in 2 layers of tinfoil to keep the embers and ash out of your favorite side! Throw them on top of a nice bed of embers and rotate/flip every 5 minutes for 20-30 minutes (until potato is tender). It’s as easy as that, and what’s even better is that you have no dishes!

Lastly, you can’t have Thanksgiving without desert. That would break all the rules…


No-bake Campfire Apple Crisp

We have a crazy sweet tooth at all times, but especially during the holidays. To bake a full pie out in the woods would be harder then we’d like. So we found a recipe for an apple crisp that takes no time to make and even less time to eat. Plus it has bourbon in it, who doesn’t like that…

We found this amazing recipe at fresh off the grid and can’t wait to try it ourselves so we’re gonna link the full recipe here.

So flock, get your friends and family together and go spend time out in the woods to celebrate Thanksgiving. We know we’re thankful for all the beautiful places mother nature offers us and what better way to show that than celebrating at your favorite campsite. Just make sure of one thing, leave no trace! Let’s keep our favorite spots looking good for decades to come. And lastly, make sure to tag us in all of your outdoor holiday adventures on instagram @roofnest.

Happy Holidays Flock.

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