Roofnest Falcon Named Best Roof Top Tent of 2020

After a long day in the outdoors, sleeping on the ground doesn’t exactly sound appealing. Especially in the winter time, when conditions are less than ideal.

Everyone from hunters to back country skiers have hopped on the hard shell roof top tent train. And at the end of 2020, Popular Mechanics named the Roofnest Falcon one of the best pieces of outdoor gear of the year.

Since 1902, Popular Mechanics has built a reputation for finding the best outdoor gear and gadgets to navigate our changing world. They specialize in everything from power tools to space rockets, and no voyage is off limits.

2020 may have been a rough year, but Popular Mechanics found a light at the end of the tunnel for gearheads: The Best New Gear of the Year.

Throughout the year, they tested the newest drills, lawnmowers, and camping gear of the season. That’s where our Roofnest Falcon got a well-deserved shout out.

Popular Mechanics took note of the slim, aluminum hard shell design, which comes in handy when hitting top speeds on the highway. You won’t need to slow it down like you might with soft shell tents, which is ultimately better for your gas mileage.

Our tents don’t take a hard-core gear head or rocket scientist to set up, either. With an easy lift of the latch, the pistons popped the tent into life in under a minute.

“We can vouch for the convenience and utility of rooftop tents.”

Popular Mechanics

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So what are you waiting for? Get your hard shell roof top tent and hit the road!

VIDEO: Take a look inside the Roofnest Falcon >