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in Outdoor Play / by Michelle Welsch

When the world feels upside down, we like thinking about what we can control. And for us, that’s getting outside. There’s nothing quite like time in the great outdoors to re-energize and lift weary spirits.

Turns out there are plenty of benefits nature provides — a sense of connectedness, better creativity, improved health, and improved productivity. So if you’re looking for reasons to plan your next outdoor adventure, let us give you four (with tips to get you going!):

1. Connection

People who get outside are just plain happier. In countries like Scotland, twelve-week programs have been created to encourage communities to get outside and connect with others. Talk about a win-win. Whether you’re planning to spend time alone in nature or take your family with you, you’re guaranteed to feel more connected to the world around you. 

Tip: Plan an outdoor activity with a friend or loved one. Consider a walk around the block or a lunch outside. Notice how you feel during and after the activity. 

2. Creativity

Music has been inspired by the great outdoors, and useful inventions have mirrored natural phenomena. But even if you’re not an artist or inventor, you can still find inspiration in your environment. 

If you’re craving wild adventure or a retreat, stop marveling at other people’s stories! Make a bucket list, get planning, and create memories of your own. You might surprise yourself with a creative brainstorm (or two).

Tip: Carry a journal with you on your next walk outside. Pay close attention to what you notice through your senses, and write down what you observe.

3. Wellbeing

When we mindfully take in our environment and open not only our eyes, but use all of our senses, we feel better. The American Psychological Association has recognized ecotherapists, practitioners who encourage their clients to get outside, for good reason: researchers have demonstrated that simply breathing in pine and other natural scents strengthens immunity.

Tip: If you can’t sneak outside right this minute, light a nature-inspired candle and feel your stress melt away.

4. Productivity

In the 1980s, forest bathing was encouraged as a type of rehabilitation for burnt-out workers. Shinrin-yoku, or “taking in the forests’ atmosphere,” became a prescribed treatment. Since then, time outside has been proven to increase your ability to do better work: simply listening to crickets chirping (as opposed to man-made sounds like car horns) boosts cognitive performance. So whether you’re sneaking in a lunch-hour walk or carving out a weekend getaway, your colleagues will thank you for it, and you’ll return to your workspace feeling a bit more positive than when you first left.

Tip: Try playing music with nature sounds the next time you notice your shoulders clenching at work. You can find playlists on YouTube.

Ready to plan an outdoor adventure and not sure where to begin? Let our team help you make the most of your rooftop tent. Reach out. We’re here for you.

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