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When money feels tight, luxuries like travel are often the first to go. But we like to argue that travel isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Regular excursions can keep energy high, relationships intact, and work productivity on point. That’s where our Roofnest tents come in. 

Though inflation might send vacation-related prices through the roof (no pun intended), it is possible to set out on an affordable, meaningful adventure. Just because petrol and grocery prices are on the rise doesn’t mean you have to put your dreams of adventure on hold. 

If you’re looking to save money while answering the call of the wild, we have a few tips for you to travel smart and well. Don’t let rising expenses get in the way of your travel goals.

  1. #setgoalsandcrushthem
    Whether you’re traveling with your family or exploring the great outdoors alone with your dog, budget in advance to keep overhead costs low. While it is possible to forecast and predict certain travel expenses, hidden costs can add up. From surge pricing to luggage fees and upgrades, what you thought was going to be an affordable weekend getaway can become pricey fast.

    When you plan your own camping vacation, you have more understanding of the ways in which you spend your hard-earned cash. With camping excursions, coffee and eggs over the fire can add up to big savings compared to Sunday brunch reservations. And let’s face it: few things in life are as satisfying as a hot campside meal at the end of a great day outside.

    While planning for an unforgettable experience, remember that it’s not necessary to max out your savings for memorable travel stories and beautiful pictures. 
  1. Rooftop camping places the power of adventure in your control.
    Setting out on the open road means you’re not at the mercy of fluctuating rates and fares. With flexibility comes savings, and there’s no better way to keep travel plans flexible than with a car-top tent

    When you take travel into your own hands, you don’t need to waste time searching for the best airfare or pinning down the cheapest hotel options. While “midweek budget” getaways can save some dollars, they’re not always the most convenient.

    Camping trips empower you with options and decisions. With a rooftop set-up, adventure becomes that of your own choosing; travel where you want, when you want. 
  1. Flexible financing options
    Gone are the days you have to save up all year to enjoy two weeks away. A rooftop rig is the guilt-free golden ticket to satisfy regular wanderlust. And with Roofnest’s financing options, travel plans don’t need to wait. Get planning, and get ready to explore. Adventure calls!

Need help getting started? Contact a Roofnest team member to learn how you can be out on the road as early as next week.

Michelle Welsch

Michelle Welsch

Michelle studied Psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating magna cum laude, before earning a masters in Social Work from Columbia University in New York City. She has worked with the likes of Seth Godin, and numerous Fortune 500 brands. Michelle is the founder of Learning House, a community learning center in Nepal, and is currently active in areas concerning branding and marketing, community building, public speaking, leadership, and education.

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