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What’s the best rooftop tent for a Toyota Tacoma?

For many years, the Toyota Tacoma was one of only two mid-size pickup trucks on sale in the United States. This made it quite nearly the default mid-size pickup for American buyers. That meant if you were shopping for an outdoorsy rig, and required a pickup bed, you bought a Tacoma.

Building on the Tacoma’s ubiquity, they’re exceedingly rugged and reliable. This means there are millions of Tacomas still on the road today. So chances are good that if you’re shopping for a truck worthy of a rooftop, you’re looking for a Tacoma.

So, in order to simplify things for you outdoorsy Tacoma shoppers, we have selected three Roofnest roof top tents that we think make the best options for the current generation of Toyota Tacoma.

1. Condor Overland

The best roof top tent for Toyota Tacoma is Condor Overland

Condor Overland on a TacomaOne of Roofnest’s latest roof top tents is the Condor Overland. It builds on the best-selling Condor fold-out tent and blends in some of the best features of the clamshell Falcon 2 tent. Namely, Condor Overland has an aluminum top shell that has accessory channels integrated around the perimeter. Because of these accessory channels, Condor Overland comes standard with top-shell crossbars, which can carry extra gear — up to 100 pounds when the tent is closed and 40 pounds when it’s open.

While Condor Overland includes crossbars and accessory channels like those of the Falcon 2, it has the compact fold-out design of the Condor. The Condor Overland folds down to just 60 inches long by 50 inches wide.

What’s more, it’s perfect for the Tacoma’s 60-inch (5.0-foot) bed — the usable space of the Tacoma’s bed. That is, if you have a rack to mount the Condor over the Tacoma’s bed. The Condor Overland is just about a perfect fit, as it is about exactly the same proportions as the Tacoma’s standard-length bed.

The height of the Condor is just 10 inches tall when closed. This only becomes a clearance issue if you have a full-height rack on your Tacoma. That’s because a rack that’s as tall as the cab will push the Condor above the roofline. However, if you get a half-height or lower rack, the Condor’s height will not be an issue. That said, a half-height rack will put the Condor squarely in your rearview mirror. So, there are pluses and minuses to both setups.

2. Condor XL

The second best rooftop tent for Toyota Tacoma is Condor XL

Roofnest’s second-best-selling tent is Condor XL. That’s because its relatively compact foldout design allows it to fit in smaller spaces, but it opens up big enough to sleep four people. This thing is downright huge.

Although you could fit the 74-inch-long Condor XL over a standard Tacoma bed, we think it’s better suited for the long bed, which is 73.2 inches long. With a bed rack sturdy enough to hold the 160-pound Condor XL over a long bed, you will have a camp setup the envy of most people.

Families are especially drawn to the Condor XL because of its size, yes, but also because of its standard features and ease of use. Sounds a lot like the Tacoma, huh?

Condor XL, like all new Roofnest rooftop tents, comes with a privacy tent, accessory shoe bags that slot in on either side of the integrated and quick-deploying ladder, built-in battery-powered LED light strips, and anti-sand mat that campers can lay out at the base of the ladder.

Condor XL deploys in a matter of moments and folds away nearly as fast. Like the Tacoma, the Condor XL is ready for big family adventures.

3. Falcon 2

The third best roof top tent for the Toyota Tacoma: Falcon 2

Falcon 2 ON a TacomaFalcon 2 is Roofnest’s latest tent. But that’s not the only reason it’s on this list. The footprint of the Falcon 2 is 88 inches long and 50 inches wide. This makes it longer than both Tacoma’s standard and long beds. But Falcon 2 makes up for its overall length with slimness and utility.

At just 6.5 inches tall when closed, the Falcon 2 is slim and doesn’t add much overall height to the vehicle. This makes it ideal for lifted Tacomas who have to park in low-clearance garages or worry about tree-branch strikes on the trail.

Falcon 2 is made from aluminum and features accessory channels around its exterior. These accessory channels accept a standard M8 bolt and can hold up to 75 pounds of gear. Anything from shovels and axes to auxiliary lights — the most ubiquitous Tacoma accessories — can be affixed easily to the side of the Falcon 2. You can also use the accessory channels to attach the available crossbars. You can use those to carry even more gear atop your Tacoma’s bed.

The Tacoma was built to not just survive but also thrive for decades. The Falcon 2 was as well. Falcon 2 comes standard with a removable awning that deploys in seconds with two poles. This new awning design covers all three of the Falcon 2’s doors. Falcon 2 is even more comfortable inside than before. The tent material is an upgraded 320g poly-cotton canvas with a blackout coating. This means it keeps the weather and sun out better than ever.

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