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It’s that time of year again – can you believe it!? The gift-giving season is upon us! To help you in your quest, we’ve put together an expert guide that narrows down the best camping gifts for 2022. 

From novice campers to hardcore overlanders, these gifts are sure to make car camping a lot easier and more enjoyable. Ranging from sizes and prices small to sizable, here are the best camping gifts for 2022, in no particular order:

1. Kovea — Beron Black Stove

kovea stoveOur friends at camping-gear brand Kovea are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year with a few limited-run items. Of the absolutely stunning, not to mention high-quality, items they have on offer is the Beron Black Stove. We love it because it’s compact but puts out a lot of heat and looks great too boot. Interestingly, the Beron was originally designed for use in restaurants. It was so efficient, however, it was modified for camp use and is now an industry standard. The rest is history.

Price: $249 

2. Roofnest — Condor Overland

Whether you’re shopping for your first rooftop tent or you’re already a Roofnest acolyte, you should consider the Condor Overland. Why? Well, it combines all the best parts of our best-selling foldout Condor and our halo product, Falcon Pro. The Condor Overland is made of high-strength but lightweight aluminum. There are available crossbars, which can hold 100 pounds of gear, and it’s relatively compact, which makes it an ideal tent for truck owners. 

3. DECKED x BoxoUSA — Tool Bag and Tool Roll

Decked tool bagIf you’re rooftop-tent camping, that means you’re going to rely on your car for survival. Stands to reason, then, that you should go prepared to repair it. You know, should something go wrong. After all, you wouldn’t take your family into the woods without a first-aid kit, right? The same goes for your car. This is where the DECKED x BoxoUSA Tool Bag and Tool Roll come in. This 80-piece tool kit might be on the pricey side, but it is truly a turnkey tool kit. It has everything that even the most hardened overland repair person might desire to fix a car or, for that matter, virtually anything else at camp. And it’s compact enough to fit nicely in the back of any vehicle.

Price: $595

4. Leitner Designs — HydroPOD Carry

Leitner Designs, Hydropod CarryFrom rinsing off your dishes to hosing off your muddy dog, there are plenty of reasons to keep a portable shower/wash station at camp. And if you’re going to invest in one, you might as well get the best. For our money, that’s the HydroPOD Carry from our friends at Leitner Designs. It’s a 4.8-gallon shower. You pressurize it with the integrated hand pump. Then you can reach virtually anything at camp with its 20-foot coiled hose. Forget waiting until you get home to hose off your dusty equipment — clean up before you hit the road with the HydroPOD Carry. 

Price: $349

5. Roofnest — Litewing Awning

Protection from the elements. Civilization is practically based on it. 

Litewing Awning is the lightest 270 degree hardshell awning that sets up in only 90 seconds. Carbon fiber radius arms provide ample strength and rigidity when fully deployed, without requiring support poles or guy lines. A sleek, compact aluminum housing keeps your awning safely stored when not in use.
Offered in two sizes: Regular and XL, providing 70 sq ft and 100 sq ft of coverage respectively.

6. Kelty — Lowdown Couch

Kelty CouchIf you camp solo, you can keep scrolling. Otherwise, if you’re the kind of camper who invites friends and family along for your outdoor adventures, stick with us here. You’re going to want to consider the Lowdown Couch. At first glance, it might seem a bit frivolous. Do you really need a couch at camp instead of a couple of chairs? Yes, you do. We’ve used these before in the past and absolutely loved both the form and function of the Lowdown Couch. They’re comfy, stylish, and fun and a great addition to your campsite.

Price: $179.95

7. NOMADICA — Casbah Camp Rug

Nomadica RugHere’s another item that might seem a bit silly at first. But, heck, I’ll bet you thought a rooftop tent was a bit silly at first, too, right? Now you’re obsessed. That’s how we feel about NOMADICA’s Casbah Camp Rug. Although it looks bougie, it’s become a campsite essential for many of us on the Roofnest staff. Not only does it bring a bit of visual flare to any campsite, it also serves a more functional purpose: keeping dirt at bay. No, really, the Casbah Camp Rug will cut down on how much dust is both kicked up at camp and also tracked inside your tent. Plus, they’re made from recycled plastic — so they’re good for your campsite vibes and the planet.

Price: Starting at $55

8. Sea to Summit — 20-liter Kitchen Sink

Sea to Summit BowlUnless you hate the environment and use disposable plates and utensils at camp, you likely have to do dishes at least once a day while you’re camping. If that’s the case, let us recommend you pick up one of these handy dandy 20-liter Kitchen Sinks from Sea to Summit. They’re compact and incredibly useful — and much nicer than hauling around a solid plastic wash bin everywhere. They’re inexpensive and very durable, so it makes even more sense the more you think about it.

Price: $29.95

9. Snow Peak — Pack & Carry Fireplace XL

FireplaceCampfires allowed? No established fire ring? Don’t dig one. Bring your own. That’s the benefit of Snow Peak’s Pack & Carry Fireplace. Just unfold it (it packs flat), set it down, and fill it with firewood, and kindling. And, boom, you have a fire … well, hopefully not ‘boom,’ but you get what we mean. Seriously, this thing is so much better than digging a hole in the ground for a fire pit — and a sight safer, too.

Price: $299.99

10. Step 22 — Chameleon Carryall

CarryallYou’re too old to be just tossing a heap of stuff in the back of your Subaru, as you head off for a weekend camping trip. It’s time to step up to a real — and really nice — storage solution. The first place to start with your kitchen gear. And for that, you’re going to want to get the Chameleon Carryall from Step 22. It has pockets, zippers, and all the spots you need to stick your favorite camp kitchen stuff. What’s more, it’s designed to last a long time. That means you won’t have to buy another in nine months like you would with the cheap knock-off stuff. Step into campsite adulting and get yourself a Chameleon Carryall. 

Price: $155

11. Roofnest — Down Blanket

Our down blanket packs down small thanks to its down filling, but offers loads of heat retention. If the nighttime temperatures dip lower than you were expecting and your sleeping bag isn’t up to the task of keeping you toasty, you will be glad you had this nifty down blanket on hand to pull on.

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