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It’s a bit of a stretch to think of drivers taking the sleek Tesla Model 3 all-electric car off the pavement to some remote locale, but we’ve seen (much) stranger vehicles wander off into the dirt. We think anyone wanting to car top camp should have options – including Tesla Model 3 owners. Heck, we’re all likely to be driving an EV at some point in the future.

With the sleek shape of Tesla models, you might be surprised to learn that roof racks are indeed available for the aerodynamic cars, and two Roofnest models will mount right up to Tesla’s $400 optional Model 3 roof rack.

1. Roofnest Meadowlark 

The Roofnest Meadowlark is our first “softshell” tent and one of our most compact models, but it’s still roomy enough for two! It features quick setup and quickly folds away. It includes a secure, tight-fitting fabric cover that covers the tent when folded. The softshell system cuts weight and complexity, and the Meadowlark weighs just 90 pounds. Yet when opened, it’s 80 inches long, 42 inches wide and 36 inches tall.

Unlike a lot of other soft shell tents, the Meadowlark retains Roofnest’s quick and easy setup system and can be ready for use in just a few minutes without having to mess with finding poles and threading them through the tent and so on. Just use the included telescoping ladder to open the tent and after a few adjustments, it’s all set.

The Meadowlark is waterproof with a multi-stage mattress that ensures comfort and includes a waterproof layer so you stay dry from top to bottom. Three zipped windows allow for plenty of ventilation, and the large opening makes getting in and out easy. 

It’s also small enough that you can still add a bike or paddleboard on the roof rack. Plus, the light weight means it’s easy to move onto and off the roof rack as needed. The Meadowlark is a great choice for a quick tour out of town in your Tesla.

2. Roofnest Condor

Looking for something a bit bigger? The Roofnest Condor will also work with the Tesla Model 3. The Condor features a fold-out design that utilizes the top shell as a wall. The aerodynamic hard-shell design is only 12 inches when closed, helping to minimize range-killing drag on the highway.

But once you’ve arrived at your destination, the Condor folds out to a roomy 83 inches long by 60 inches wide and a full 50 inches tall inside. With that kind of space, there’s enough room for two adults and a kiddo, or a mid-size fur baby. The Condor features multiple zip-open screened windows including a top window for soaking up some sun while in the tent.

Because it’s bigger, you can add a wide range of Roofnest accessories for expanding the space and also securely storing more of your gear. As always, a telescopic ladder is standard and setup is made even easier with hydraulic struts. 

We’ve also redesigned the Condor to accept an optional solar panel up top for juicing phones and small electronics – although you cannot charge your Tesla with it. Someday! Interior LED lighting only requires a small portable power bank which can also be charged from the panel. The Condor comes in black or white exterior shell colors.

Electric vehicles are going to be a big part of our motoring future, and Roofnest can get you and your Tesla ready for adventure with the Meadowlark and Condor tents. Both are simple to use with quick setup and simple storage. EV camping? We’re ready when you are. Are you an EV owner interested in a Roofnest? We have an incentive for you here at The Future Of Camping is Electric.

Tesla Roof Top Tent

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