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Rivian is a new player to the automotive industry, and an innovator as well. Its all-electric pickup trucks are in production and starting to wander out into the off-road world, seeing as how they have long range from their large battery-electric powertrain. Off-road prowess comes from four in-hub wheels guided by four dedicated off-road drive modes that allow for very dynamic handling capabilities not really seen from gas-powered rigs. Plus, with an 11,000 pound towing capacity, features like a clever  full-width storage cubby behind the doors and a frunk up front, you can really load the e-truck up. It can even safely wade through three feet of water as stock. It’s… versatile.

Coupled with its ability to power gear that would normally require a generator, Rivian offers a truly new option to up the overland camping game. Fortunately, we also have some tent options for this unique new vehicle. We feel these models best with with the new Rivian R1T all-electric pickup truck.

1. Condor Overland

The Rivian’s cargo bed is short, but our Condor Overland will still fit, giving you sleeping space for two adults, a kiddo or furry companion. Folded up, it weighs 165-pounds and measures 50 wide by 60 inches long, and just 10 inches tall. Side-mounted auxiliary spaces include more room for things like shovels, additional exterior lighting, and other tools, up to a maximum of 100 pounds when folded.

 Unfolded, the Condor Overland is roomy, with 50 inches of headroom and 84 inches of legroom. At 60 inches wide, there’s room for you and your companion with some space to spare. A 2.5-inch pad with quilted, removable cover is ready for a good night’s sleep. An interior LED light, two moveable storage pockets, privacy cover, a landing mat and of course a telescoping ladder complete the package.

2. Condor

If you want to scale things down a bit, our popular Condor model may be the perfect companion to the Rivian. It weighs in at just 135 pounds, but it’s only an inch smaller in length than the Overland and the same width, which leaves plenty of room for two adults and a kid or dog. 

You can add a Roofnest Awning and Annex for a bit more coverage, and it includes a privacy tent, ladder, landing mat, two storage pockets and an interior LED light that plugs into a USB outlet, which the Rivian has in abundance. It also has space to fit an optional solar panel to charge up your tech toys, but it won’t charge up the Rivian itself. Perhaps someday!

And while it’s roomy when open, it’s just a foot tall when closed, with an aerodynamic shell to keep drag to a minimum. 

3. Meadowlark

Dial down the weight but not the comfort with our first “softshell” tent, the Roofnest Meadowlark. If you are looking for a low-mounting position solution, this is your best option to be sure. Instead of a solid cover, the Meadowlark uses a secure, tight-fitting fabric cover that goes over the tent when folded for travel, saving weight.

The Meadowlark is three feet tall when open, but only 12 inches tall when secured. It still sleeps two adults in comfort with 80 inches of legroom and almost four feet of width. All packed up it weighs just 90 pounds. 

Forget about slipping poles into fabric with the JMeadowloark. Our innovative quick-unfold system has everything in place for simple and quick setup.You actually open the tent using the included ladder, then adjust a few interior bits and it’s ready for use. 

The Meadowlark is waterproof of course, with a multi-layer mattress that is comfortable and also has a waterproof layer. Three zipped windows let the cool breeze in during hte day, but zip up tight at night. A large opening makes getting in and out easy.

Because it’s small, the Meadowlark will leave room for a bike, SUP, Kayak or another toy on your rack space. 

Ready to camp? Your Rivian is a new page in the history of trucks. It deserves the a tent that’s just as forward thinking.

rivian rooftop tent

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