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Roofnest wants to highlight the stories of solo female travelers within its community. These are individuals within The Flock willing to share their experience of life on the road and in a Roofnest so that we might all benefit from what they’ve seen and learned along the way. If you are interested in sharing your adventure stories as a solo female traveler in a Roofnest, please take a moment to complete this form.

The following is an interview with Emily, @emily3iverson.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Q: What do you drive? Year, make, and model, please.
A: 2017 Toyota Tacoma Offroad

Q: Which model of Roofnest do you have?
A: Condor Overland

Q: Tell us about your vehicle. Do you have any awnings or accessories? Does your vehicle have a name?
A: My truck currently doesn’t have any fancy accessories on the outside but the plan is to get drawers set up in the bed of the truck for storage and to get a large awning for those rainy camp trips.

Q: Travel Mishaps — Has any crazy stuff happened?
A: One time when I was travelling through Oregon I was trying to find a place to camp for the night and was driving up a mountain road and noticed some massive storm clouds. The sky suddenly let loose and it was a downpour with lightning going off every few seconds and thunder immediately after. It happened during sunset and it was absolutely amazing as it looked like the sky was on fire. I ended up finding a place to camp along with other overlanders and listened to the thunder all night and seeing my tent light up only to wake up in the morning to clear beautiful skies. 

Q: What are the top challenges you face, and how did you overcome them?
A: Having confidence in my abilities and knowledge that I can do anything that I want and go anywhere I’d like. As a woman, a ton of people question “aren’t you afraid to go by yourself?” “You’re so brave for going solo…I could never do that.” It definitely toys with the head a bit and makes you question yourself so that was definitely the biggest challenge I faced when I first got into solo trips. Now I feel proud that I do them and super excited to have the ability to get after it. 

Q: Do you have some wisdom from your solo travels that you’d like to share?
A: Specifically as a woman to other women travelers, have at least one reliable person you can keep in touch with and keep them updated as to what your plan is day-to-day such as where you will be, what you are doing (ex, hiking), where you are spending the night, etc. Give those trip details just in case. Also having an InReach or similar satellite communicator helps a lot and definitely makes you feel more at ease in areas with poor cell reception. It is also beneficial as you can send current detailed locations to people you choose. Don’t be afraid to check in with people! 

Q: Where are you going to explore next? Do you have a dream camping trip?
A: The list of places to explore is immense and constantly growing and can often be hard to decide which place to go to! Right now on the list, the next place I will likely explore more amongst the Pacific Northwest in both British Columbia and Washington. A dream camping trip would consist of somewhere surrounded by the mountains in the summer, with some close friends and my dog Koda. With the ability to have easy access to some phenomenal hiking locations.


Q: Where are your favorite places to explore? What makes those spots special to you?
A: My favourite place to explore is anywhere that involves mountains. Being amongst the mountains holds a special place in my heart due to their immense size and constantly changing beauty. They bring a sense of freedom and challenge when exploring amongst them, along with teaching you a lot about yourself and your capabilities.

Q: What drew you to solo traveling to being with?
A: I found that I was doing a lot of waiting for friends’ schedules to align with mine and therefore missing out on opportunities to see new places and have amazing experiences. Due to this, I decided to get after it and start chasing the adventure on my own which has been amazing and has also allowed me to meet so many great people along the way and see so many spectacular places.

Q: Do you have any favorite pieces of gear you’d never be caught without? Why?
A: Can my dog Koda count? He always comes along on my solo trips and it wouldn’t feel right if he wasn’t! Otherwise honestly it would be my camera. It is always with me while I’m out exploring.

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