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The Mini Cooper is an icon that built a decades-long legacy of proving the most amount of fun and capability in the smallest package possible. As early as the 1960s, the Mini Cooper was getting dirty and adventurous, winning rally races all over the world. Today Mini is still making compact cars that are packed with performance. Roofnest is here to make sure Minis are packed with adventure as well.

Just like the Mini Cooper itself, Roofnest creates rooftop tents that pack the maximum amount of features and interior capacity possible in the smallest and lightest shells we can manage. If you want to get your Mini out on a fire road and explore the wilderness, Roofnest has multiple roof top tents that fit your car, needs, and budget.  

What’s the best Roofnest roof top tent for the Mini Cooper? Here are our top 3.


If you want the smallest and lightest Roofnest on the market, look no further than the Meadowlark. The only soft-shell tent to wear the Roofnest name, the Meadowlark is a featherweight rig with a weight of just 90 pounds. At this weight, the Meadowlark can be easily removed and stored when not in use. You and a friend can lift Meadowlark off your Mini’s roof and store the roof top tent on its side in a garage or storage closet. This makes it ideal for Mini drivers who don’t want to keep their rooftop tent mounted on top of their car year-round.

When closed and packed up, Meadowlark is only 47 inches long with a width of just 44 inches. You won’t have any worries about vertical clearance either, as the Meadowlark is just 12 inches tall when it’s closed.

When open, the tent nearly doubles in size with an interior that is 80 inches long. You also get a full three feet of interior height, so there is plenty of space to sit up in the tent. Unlike other soft-shell rooftop tents, the Meadowlark doesn’t require exterior poles and guy lines. That means it maintains the convenient setup and fold-down that Roofnest rooftop tents are known for.

Despite being our lightest and most compact roof top tent, the Meadowlark is also the most affordable model in the Roofnest family.


Mini w/ a RoofnestFor anyone camping with a friend, or if you just want some extra space, the Condor is an incredible roof top tent. It is the smallest hard-shell tent that Roofnest currently offers, but thanks to an ingenious fold-out design, the interior is cavernous. Let’s just do some quick math and measurements.

With an interior size of 83 inches by 60 inches, and a max height of 50 inches, you get a total interior volume of just over 140 cubic feet. To give you an idea of how much space that really is, the entire interior volume of a standard two-door Mini is only about 90 cubic feet.

The Condor measures just 60 inches by 48 inches when it is closed. Yet it expands into a space that is more than 1.5 times the size of the Mini Cooper’s interior volume. To put it bluntly: Your Condor will be roomier than your Cooper. How cool is that?

Roofnest also has a full range of Condor accessories to turn your rooftop tent into a proper basecamp with awnings and annex rooms. That is the power of Roofnest design and engineering.  

Condor Overland

Finally, for the most adventurous Mini Cooper owners, we present to you the Condor Overland. For the Overland, Roofnest takes the compact, yet spacious Condor, and swaps the plastic hardshell for an exterior crafted from aluminum. This all aluminum roof top tent from the harshest of conditions but also allows for improved storage capacity.

The aluminum shell features accessory channels along the sides to help when mounting overlanding gear like awnings, showers, etc. Of course, the Condor Overland supports all the same accessories as the standard Condor.

Additionally, the added strength of the aluminum shell allows the Condor Overland to support roof bars. So you can mount something extra like a kayak or skis to the top of your Roofnest tent. We can’t think of anything that adheres to the spirit of the Mini Cooper more than being able to mount a palatial tent, complete with accessories for a full base camp, and then still be able to throw a kayak on top for good measure.  

Go forth and adventure all you Mini Cooper-loving hooligans.

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