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There is no such thing as the “perfect” family vacation, but there are certainly some trips that make it easier to create the kind of memories you will cherish for a lifetime. As far as we are concerned, it is almost impossible to beat the iconic family camping trip.

Plus, thanks to the comfort and simple setup that comes with a Roofnest rooftop tent, taking a family camping trip is easier than ever.

Road Trips Mean Great Bonding Time

It’s a cliché but it’s true. The journey is often more important than the destination. A family camping trip usually means some sort of road trip. In today’s hyper-connected and hectic environment, it is easy to lose touch with those we love, even when you live under the same roof.  

Being stuck in a car for hours together is a great way to restore the bond of a family. Use this time to tell stories, have impromptu karaoke parties, and generally learn to enjoy each other’s company again.


Can Take the Trip At Your Own Pace

Because a camping trip puts you in total control of your means of transportation and your accommodations, you can take the trip at any pace you want to. You are never beholden to any sort of schedule, and that is the type of freedom you can’t have with most vacations. Want to stop and check out the world’s largest rocking chair? No problem, you can just boondock somewhere nearby and continue on your way in the morning.

What if the first campsite you found is so perfect, you don’t want to leave? Stay an extra day and enjoy the scenery. The only person in control of where you go and where you stay is yourself. This kind of flexibility lets you build a vacation around your needs at the moment.

When it takes you less than three minutes to set up or tear down your Roofnest roof top tent, it is easy to be spontaneous in your trip planning.


You Can’t Beat A Night Around A Campfire

From the smell of roasted marshmallows to the sound of laughter mixed into the crackle of a fire, few experiences are purer than a night spent around a campfire. The warmth of the fire against your face, while a cool summer breeze blows across your back is the kind of sensation that lives in your memory for eternity. Tell scary stories, or take turns trying to tell the most ridiculous dad jokes.

And then, the final cherry on top of any night camping in the wilds. As you put out the final embers of the evening’s fire, gaze into the sky and see the vast expanse of stars open up before you as your eyes adjust to the new darkness. 

The Perfect Chance For Lessons To Last A Lifetime

Finally, and perhaps the greatest gift that a family camping trip can provide, the chance to bestow lessons and knowledge that will last forever. It is not often, especially in our modern world, to teach the skills required when camping. How to tie a fishing lure, or the proper way to hold a hatchet- these are the simple things that tend to stick with you through the years.

This is the true secret to the family camping trip, and why we think it makes one of the best vacations. The road trip to the campsite, the laughter around the fire, and the soft kindness of a smile. All of these things build and culminate into a collection of memories that will be carried, and most importantly, shared. Those lessons you teach your kids today at the campsite are the stories and lessons that will be passed on to your grandchildren when the next generation takes their family camping trip.

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