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Teardrops. Squaredrops. Backcountry boxes. Compact campers. 

These tiny campers are known by many names, and come in a bunch of sizes and designs. But one thing they all have in common is a distinct lack of sleeping space. Whether you want to take your mini camper out with kids, you have pets, or you just want a bit more space to sleep, we think the perfect accessory to maximize these campers is a rooftop tent.

Here’s why we think the best upgrade to any of these small travel trailers is a new rooftop tent.

Extra Space Galore

By adding a rooftop tent to the top of a compact camper like a teardrop, you get to maximize the interior of the camper for storage and gear, while simultaneously improving your accommodations with a larger sleeping area. 

By adding a Roofnest rooftop tent to your small travel trailer, you can more than double your usable space without making any real sacrifices to the experience of owning and using a teardrop or other tiny camper. Almost every Roofnest model weighs less than 200 pounds, with some weighing as little as 90 pounds, so you can probably still tow your camper with your current vehicle. And because you mount it to the top of your camper, the exterior footprint and all the benefits that come with that don’t change. 

This means you can now dedicate your entire interior space of the camper to extra storage, a camp kitchen, and more without sacrificing your sleeping arrangements. 

Bring More Friends

Camping is great, but camping with friends and family is even better. Instead of trying to travel with extra tents or multiple vehicles, mounting a rooftop tent to your camper gives you a second, dedicated sleeping area that is perfect for your guests. If you’re a parent, you can put the kids down in the camper, while you enjoy the “top bunk” experience in your spacious tent.

Get a Better View

Truth time: most small campers don’t have great windows, and they’re even more lacking when it comes to airflow. By mounting something like the Roofnest Sparrow 2 to the top of your backcountry box camper, you can greatly enhance your view of the outdoors. With 360-degree views and tons of mesh, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer you without being stuck inside a fiberglass box with some tiny windows. 

As a bonus, being mounted on top of the camper lifts you up off the ground, so you’re less likely to have your view obstructed by your surroundings.

More Options for the Future

That small camper may have been all you needed five years ago, but families (and gear) have a way of growing over time. Instead of buying a bigger camper, the addition of a rooftop tent expands your camping capabilities.

It also opens up more options for you in the future. If you outgrow your camper, but aren’t sure what to replace it with (or if you even want to replace it) you can mount a Roofnest to your car or truck, and continue camping.

Now go out there and adventure!

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