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What’s the best rooftop tent for a Ford F-150 Lightning?

With the introduction of the F-150 Lightning, Ford has taken the world’s best-selling pickup truck and they have transformed it into one of the best and most capable EV’s on the market today. It is also the perfect base for building an unstoppable zero-emission camping rig that can be rivaled by little else. From compact tents that save weight to full-size camping palaces that provide incredible views or spacious sleeping arrangements, Roofnest has the perfect rooftop tent for your new Ford Lightning.

1. Meadowlark

A great rooftop tent for Ford F-150 Lightning is Meadowlark

Our lightest rooftop tent, the Meadowlark is a perfect companion for Ford Lightning owners looking to add a rooftop tent to their camping gear. Weighing a minuscule 90 pounds, the lack of mass on the Meadowlark means minimal impact to the range of your F-150 Lightning.

Just because the Meadowlark is small and lightweight doesn’t mean you are sacrificing on features or comfort. The folding design means the tent expands to give you ample sleeping space with a bed area of 80 inches by 43 inches. And thanks to the intelligent engineering of the Meadowlark, it requires no outside reinforcement or tie downs to function properly, a typical problem with most soft-sided rooftop tents.

The footprint of the tent when it is closed measures just 47 inches by 44 inches, making it small enough to allow for multiple mounting positions. You can mount it to the rear of the Ford Lightning bed, leaving room up front for bed storage boxes or taller gear. Or you can mount the Meadowlark against the cab to provide more open space at the end of the bed, making it easier to access items from the tailgate.

2. Condor 2

Another solid rooftop tent for a Ford F-150 Lightning is the Condor 2

Our newest and most feature packed tent is a perfect match for the technology and features of your new Ford Lightning. Redesigned for 2023, the new Condor 2 builds upon years of research and experience to enhance and improve nearly every feature of the popular Condor.

The tent is made from a new blackout material, making it easier than ever to control the sleeping conditions inside, and the integrated pair of HVAC ports allow for easy attachment of portable AC or heating units. Other interior upgrades include a six pocket gear grid, new LED lighting, and improved three-way windows.

The ABS shell is reinforced by an aluminum latticework inside, which allows for the attachment of crossbars on top of the shell, giving you an extra 160 pounds of storage capacity for items like bikes or kayaks and more. To make the new Condor 2 even more durable, the entire shell exterior comes factory coated in Line-X.

What hasn’t changed about the Condor 2 is the compact closed footprint of 60-inches by 49-inches, or the cavernous interior’s nearly 30 square foot sleeping area. If that number doesn’t sound impressive to you, it’s about the same space as a queen-sized mattress. Plenty of room for two people and a couple of pets or small children.

3. Condor Overland 2

Also consider the Condor Overland 2 as a great rooftop tent for the Ford F-150 Lightning

With the Condor Overland 2, you get the same great features of the Condor 2, but with a metal shell and more storage capability for those long-haul trips and the overlanding crowd. You get the same small footprint, the same large and airy interior, and all the same upgrades like the HVAC ports, interior gear pockets and upgraded LED lighting.

What changes is the shell. Rather than an ABS shell with an aluminum reinforcement, the shell of the Condor Overland 2 is hewn completely from aluminum. Not only does this add extra protection against bumps and scrapes, it provides a sturdy spine to hang your gear from thanks to the integration of accessory rails. This provides even more storage space for items like shovels, traction ladders, jerry cans and more.

4. Falcon Pro

The Falcon Pro is also a great rooftop tent for the Ford F-150 Lightning

If you want to go with a fully-built rig that utilizes a cab-over setup, the Falcon Pro represents the pinnacle of rugged off-road performance. Of all the tents here, it’s the quickest to set up and tear down, and because it doesn’t need to fold out in any way, it’s great when camping in narrow or uneven campsites. The clamshell design also means that you can enter the tent through either side or at the rear, giving you even more options for setting up camp.

That modified clamshell design also gives the Falcon Pro more maximum interior headroom than any other tent in the Roofnest family at 60 inches. Along with the massive headroom, this design also gives the Falcon Pro huge windows with great vertical visibility thanks to an integrated skylight window, making it the ideal tent for those who love gazing up at the stars while laying down for bed.

The Falcon Pro uses an aluminum shell, much like the Condor Overland 2, and that means you get many of the same advantages like the integrated crossbars, and multiple accessory channels.

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