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What’s the best rooftop tent for a Jeep Renegade?

The Jeep Renegade is a compact and sporty little crossover with the off-road chops to get you deep into the wilderness. There’s plenty of room inside for your friends and a pile of camping gear, making it the ideal compact camping companion.

Adding a rooftop tent to your adventure-ready Jeep Renegade will elevate your camping even further.

There are lots of options out there for rooftop tents that fit the Jeep Renegade, so let us help narrow down the list to three of our favorites.

1. Sparrow 2

A great rooftop tent for the Jeep Renegade is the Sparrow 2

The Jeep Renegade has the ability to put you in some of the most scenic campsites in America. Why not maximize those breathtaking vistas by camping in the new Roofnest Sparrow 2? The latest update to our original rooftop tent design, the Sparrow 2 is a pop-up style tent that features massive windows on all four sides, providing sweeping 360-degree views of your surroundings. Those big windows also mean big airflow, perfect for camping in warmer weather and warmer climates.

This pop-up style design also means that the Sparrow 2 has plenty of room in the shell to store your bedding when it’s closed, opening up more space inside your Renegade for packing other essential camping gear, like a cooler full of drinks and snacks.

Another advantage of this design is the interior sleeping space. The inside of the Sparrow 2 is nearly seven feet long, making it the perfect tent for even the tallest of campers. Unless you’re going camping with Shaquille O’Neal, you shouldn’t have a problem fitting comfortably inside the Sparrow 2.

As part of the upgrades for the Sparrow 2, you will also get new, thicker 320-GSM blackout tent material, as well as new integrated HVAC ports for using your tent with a portable A/C unit or diesel heater for true four-season camping capability. Finally, all Sparrow 2 tent models come with support for crossbars, giving you an extra 160 pounds of storage on top of your tent.

All of this is packed into a rooftop tent that weighs just 130 pounds.

2. Condor 2

Another solid rooftop tent for the Jeep Renegade is the Condor 2

Next up on the list is the Condor 2, one of our most feature-packed tents. Perfect for the camper looking for extra space and luxury.

Just like the Sparrow 2, the new Condor 2 is freshly updated and enhanced, making it better than ever. The ABS shell features aluminum reinforcement, it comes covered in Line-X from the factory, and like the Sparrow 2 it supports crossbars and features blackout tent material and HVAC ports. What you get by choosing the Condor 2 over the Sparrow 2 is more interior space. With a folding clamshell design, rather than a pop-up configuration, the Condor 2 morphs into a massive cavern of a tent with a sleeping area that is nearly the same size as a queen size mattress.

When closed and packed up, the Condor 2 takes up a modest footprint of just 49 inches by 60 inches. Even the weight is minimal considering the size and features of this tent at just 155 pounds.

3. Meadowlark

Also, consider the Meadowlark as a great rooftop tent for the Jeep Renegade

For anyone looking for the lightest and most compact tent for your Jeep Renegade, allow us to introduce you to the Roofnest Meadowlark. The only soft sided tent good enough to wear the Roofnest name.

This tiny tent measures a mere 47 inches by 44 inches when closed, and it weighs just 90 pounds. But when you open things up, you are greeted with more than 24 square feet of sleeping space to sprawl out in.

Unlike most soft tents on the market, the Meadowlark’s unique design means that it requires no external tie downs or reinforcement to set up. A single U-bar located inside the tent locks the walls into place, which means you can have the Meadowlark set up and ready to go in about 90 seconds. Perfect for those days when trying to set up camp when the weather isn’t cooperating.

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