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What’s the best rooftop tent for a Chevy Silverado?

Small trucks can be nice, but for some of us, we need a proper full-size rig to do some, serious full-size work. The Chevrolet Silverado fills that bill quite nicely thanks to its many combinations of bed sizes, cab sizes, and powerful engine choices. With special models like the new ZR2 providing unparalleled off-road prowess, the new Silverado is one of the most well-rounded and capable pickups on the market. And that all makes it a perfect platform for a camping or overlanding rig.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the best rooftop tents that fit that new Silverado, so we can get you started on building out your perfect Chevy Silverado.

1. Condor 2

A great rooftop tent for the Chevy Silverado is the Condor 2

Our first tent choice for the Chevy Silverado is the new Condor 2. With a compact footprint of just 60 inches long and 49 inches wide, the Condor 2 will perch perfectly on top of the 68-inch bed of the new shortbed variant of the Silverado. The design of the Condor 2 features a fold out sleeping area, so in addition to fitting on top of a short-bed Silverado, when it’s all set up, the Condor 2 gives you a sleeping area that rivals a queen-size bed. 

With the recent upgrade of the Condor 2, your new rooftop tent comes with nearly as many features and enhancements as your new Silverado. The ABS shell is built with an internal aluminum reinforcement structure, providing extra strength and durability. This also means that the Condor 2 supports the addition of crossbars on top of the tent, giving you an extra 160 pounds of storage space for bikes, kayaks, and the like. And did we mention that the shell comes direct from our factory covered in Line-X, for an even greater level of rugged dependability. 

Other features include blackout tent material, which gives you greater control over your sleeping conditions regardless of weather or time zones. The Condor 2 also features an integrated HVAC port for the addition of a portable AC or diesel heater, so you can use your Condor year round.

2. Condor 2 XL

Another solid rooftop tent for the Chevy Silverado is the Condor 2 XL (if you have the truck bed space).

If you grab yourself a Chevy Silverado with the longer 6.6’ bed, why not put that extra space to use by mounting an even larger tent to your pickup? The Condor 2 XL is the same great Condor 2, but with even more interior space. The larger 75” x 56” exterior shell hides a truly cavernous interior that measures a full 89 inches by 68 inches. 

In other words, you get to upgrade to a king-size bed. 

You still get the new blackout tent material, you still get the same aluminum reinforced shell, complete with Line-X coating. You still get HVAC ports. You have access to the crossbars on top of the tent. Just like the name implies, the Condor 2 XL is the more of the same incredible Roofnest engineering and quality you expect, just bigger. Ideal for anyone camping with kids, or a few extra puppers.

And somehow, they managed to make a tent this big and feature packed with a weight of just 180 pounds. That makes it a perfect companion for your new Silverado.

3. Sparrow 2

Also, consider the Sparrow 2 as a great rooftop tent for the Chevy Silverado

If you’re the kind of person who cares about the view above all else, then take a look at mounting our all-new Sparrow 2 to your Silverado. An evolution of the original Roofnest design, the Sparrow 2 comes with the same great features and enhancements as the new Condor 2 tents. That means the new blackout material, HVAC ports, and the strengthened shell. With that new shell, you also get the factory Line-X coating and support for attaching crossbars for extra storage. 

What really separates the Sparrow 2 is the vertical pop-up design that is built to provide nearly unobstructed 360-degree with massive windows on all four sides. This pop-up configuration also means that there is room inside of the shell to store your bedding, even when the tent is closed. Freeing up cargo space inside of your Silverado for more gear or space for passengers. 

The Sparrow 2 features a larger 85-inch length, so it will need to be mounted on a cabover rack unless you have a two-door long-bed Silverado. But that extra height will just enhance the view, while also freeing up even more cargo space in the bed, so that really sounds like a win-win situation to us.

4. Falcon Pro

Lastly, consider the Falcon Pro for your Chevy Silverado rooftop tent option

If you want to build the most rugged off-road rig you can, then you need to pair it with our premier overlanding tent the Falcon Pro. Designed to maximize durability and convenience above all else, the Falcon Pro is an overlander’s perfect companion. It features our most robust outer shell, stamped entirely from aluminum. Not only does this provide the strength to mount a set of crossbars on top, it also allows us to add accessory channels to the walls of the tent shell. This gives you the option to mount all manner of extra gear to your tent like water cans, shovels, traction ladders, and more. 

Another benefit of the Falcon Pro is the setup time. While every Roofnest tent is easy to set up in less than five minutes, the Falcon Pro with its single-hinge clamshell design can be ready to go in less than sixty seconds. Perfect for trying to set up camp when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. Another advantage of the Falcon Pro is the vertical space, giving you a full five feet of maximum clearance. FInally, the Falcon Pro can be entered on any of the three sides, making it easy to park in narrow or oddly shaped clearings and campsites. 

The only real consideration to make with the Falcon Pro is the size of the tent when closed. With a length of 83.5 inches, you will need to mount the Falcon Pro on a cabover rack, just like with the Sparrow 2.

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