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In 2023, GMC launched a new generation of its Canyon midsize pickup truck. With a new design inside and out, an all-new AT4X model, and new equipment, the 2023 GMC Canyon looks like it will make an amazing overlanding rig.

Our favorite new feature is a set of crossbars that mount onto the bed rails, basically giving you a “roof rack” over the bed of the truck.

That rack, coupled with a 61-inch bed length means the back of the 2023 GMC Canyon is the perfect platform to mount a Roofnest rooftop tent.

Now, before you go nuts building a whole tiny home on top of this truck, we need to let you know that the GM factory cross bars only support a dynamic load of 110 pounds. Thankfully Roofnest has some of the lightest tents on the market, so we still have options for whether you are using the factory bed rails or a more robust aftermarket solution. 

These are the roof top tents we think are the best fit for the new 2023 GMC Canyon.


Let’s start with a tent that you can use with the OEM bed rail system from GMC.  The most compact and lightest tent currently available from Roofnest, the Meadowlark weighs just 90 pounds, so it easily fits in the 110 pound limit. As a bonus, this featherweight frees up precious payload capacity for more gear and equipment.

With a closed length of less than 48-inches, the Meadowlark leaves enough open space in the bed of the Canyon to mount a full-size spare tire against the cab of the truck if needed. Because the Meadowlark folds open to create a larger sleeping space, you aren’t sacrificing anything in the way of comfort either. The interior measures 80-inches long and 43-inches wide, allowing two adults to sleep comfortably. 


If you opt for a more robust aftermarket bed rack, the options of Roofnest roof top tent open dramatically. 

With an exterior size of 60-inches by 48-inches, the Condor is almost perfectly sized to perch on top of the truck bed of the new 2023 GMC Canyon. You won’t feel as cramped as sleeping in a truck bed though, as the fold out design of the Condor provides a sleeping space that is almost the same as a queen size mattress, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and sleep comfortably.

The included ladder is adjustable, so it doesn’t matter if you are mounting the Condor to the bed rails or the roof of the Canyon, you can easily access your tent. The Condor has also been designed to accommodate the mounting of a solar panel so if you want to build an off-the-grid overlanding rig with the new Canyon AT4X model, it could be the perfect choice.

Condor Overland

The Condor Overland is another solid choice of tent to mount to the bed of the GMC Canyon. It features the same fold out design as the Condor, but it swaps the ABS shell out in favor of one crafted from aluminum. This aluminum shell provides enough extra strength to support the addition of crossbars to the Condor Overland, increasing the overall storage capacity of your rig. With these crossbars you could add a small cargo box, add ski racks, or even mount a bike on top of your Condor Overland.

This gives you the ability to mount a rooftop tent to the top of your GMC Canyon’s bed without sacrificing too much in the way of gear storage. There are also accessory rails down the sides of the Condor Overland, so you have more storage options available to you if you need to attach things like shovels or traction ladders.

If you need maximum practicality with maximum comfort, wrapped up in a rugged metal package, the Roofnest Condor Overland is here to fit your needs.

Falcon Pro

While we love that GMC is offering factory cross rails for the bed, sometimes you just need something a little more. If you want to opt for a full size bed rack and you want a properly large and sturdy tent to match, check out the Falcon Pro. One of our most rugged tents, the Roofnest Falcon Pro features a modified clamshell design made from aluminum for maximum resiliency. 

That special design also means you get some serious interior space, including five feet of maximum headroom. Along with that spacious interior, the Falcon Pro features a unique skylight window, allowing for spectacular views of the sky at night. As a bonus, because the Falcon Pro features no fold outs, it is even easier and quicker to set up. If you really needed to, you could set up and be inside the Falcon Pro in less than 90 seconds. As a bonus, the shell is designed to have enough interior room that you can leave your bedding inside, even when the tent is closed. 

And of course, like the Condor Overland, the aluminum shell of the Falcon Pro supports crossbars and features accessory rails, providing you with more options for mounting your gear and overlanding equipment.

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