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In case you missed the news, for the 2024 model year, GMC is launching with an updated Sierra 1500 with an AT4X off-road trim. This new AT4X GMC Sierra comes standard with a 3.0L diesel engine for better total fuel range and maximum torque, making it the perfect motor for long overlanding excursions. While the motor has changed, the AT4X’s off-road goodies have not. That means you still get the locking differentials front and rear, and the adjustable suspension. The AEV package is also still available to get you those big, beefy bumpers and skid plates straight from the dealer. 

When we saw the news, all we could think about was how this new GMC Sierra is a phenomenal platform for a world-conquering overlanding build. Of course, no overlanding build would be complete without a rooftop tent. So, here are our choices for the best Roofnest roof top tent you can buy to fit your fancy new 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X. 

Note: These recommendations will work for most GMC Sierra 1500 models on the road, but we wanted to focus on the new hardcore off-road trim.

Condor 2

Our first choice for the new GMC Sierra 1500 is the Condor 2. With a compact footprint of just 60 inches long and 49 inches wide, the Condor 2 fits on the bed of every current GMC Sierra 1500 model. Even the 68-inch short-bed models. Even though it is small enough to fit on that bed, the fold out design of the Condor 2 means you still get a sleeping area that rivals a queen-size bed. 

The new GMC Sierra is packed with features, and with the Condor 2, your rooftop tent is as well. The ABS shell is built with an internal aluminum reinforcement structure, providing extra strength and durability, while supporting the addition of crossbars on top of the tent, giving you an extra 160 pounds of storage space for bikes, kayaks, and the like. That shell comes direct from the Roofnest factory covered in Line-X, making it even more rugged and dependable. 

Other new features include a blackout tent material, that gives you more control over your sleeping conditions regardless of the weather or time zones. The Condor 2 also features an integrated HVAC port for the addition of a portable A/C or diesel heater, so you can use your Condor year round. 

Condor 2 XL

What if you pick up a GMC Sierra with the longer 6’ 6” bed? Put that extra space to use and upgrade to a larger tent. The Condor 2 XL is the same great Condor 2, but upsized to provide even more interior space. The larger 75” x 56” exterior shell hides a truly cavernous interior that measures a full 89 inches by 68 inches. 

In other words, you get to upgrade to nearly a king-size bed. 

All the other features stay the same. You sacrifice nothing. You still get the same aluminum reinforced shell, complete with Line-X coating, the blackout tent material, and the integrated HVAC ports. You still get the crossbars on top of the tent as well for the increased storage space. 

Just like the name implies, the Condor 2 XL is the more of the same incredible Roofnest engineering and quality you expect, just bigger. Whether you just love having extra space or you need room for a few kids or dogs, the Condor 2 XL has you covered. 

That massive amount of space and all those features, crammed into a tent that weighs just 180 pounds. 

Sparrow 2

If you don’t need to sleep in a mansion, but you do need a killer view, then take a look at mounting our all-new Sparrow 2 to your Sierra pickup. 

The latest iteration of our original Roofnest design, the Sparrow 2 features all the same updates and improvements found on our Condor 2 lineup, blackout tent material, HVAC ports, Line-X coating, the lot – but you get it in a different form factor. 

The Sparrow 2 uses a vertical pop-up design providing nearly unobstructed 360-degree views with massive windows on all four sides. This pop-up configuration also means that there is room inside of the shell to store your bedding, even when the tent is closed. This makes it great for freeing up interior space in your Sierra. 

By skipping the folding design, the Sparrow does have a larger footprint with a larger 85-inch length, so it will need to be mounted on a cabover rack. Of course, that extra verticality just enhances the views. It also means you free up cargo space in the bed. Not a bad trade off if you ask us.  

Falcon Pro

The GMC Sierra AXT4 is a premium off-road truck. If you want nothing but the best and most premium overlanding tent on the market, you need the Roofnest Falcon Pro

The Falcon Pro is for the most diehard overlanding enthusiast, designed to maximize durability and convenience above all else. The exterior is stamped completely from aluminum, making it our most robust outer shell ever. 

With great strength comes great storage capability. Roofnest used the inherent strength of that aluminum shell to mount a set of crossbars on top, and added accessory channels to the walls of the tent shell. This gives you the option to mount all manner of extra gear to your tent like water cans, shovels, traction ladders, and more. 

Every Roofnest tent is easy to set up in less than five minutes, but the Falcon Pro takes things to the next level. Its single-hinge clamshell design can be ready to go in less than 60 seconds. If the sky is trying to flood your truck, and you need to get inside and dry quickly, the Falcon Pro is here for you. And during those washout days, you won’t feel cramped in the Falcon Pro thanks to a full five feet of maximum vertical clearance, and some massive windows including a large skylight. 

Finally, the Falcon Pro can be entered on any of the three sides, making it easy to park in narrow or oddly shaped clearings and campsites. Just like with the Sparrow 2, the only real consideration to make with the Falcon Pro is the closed size. The Falcon Pro is 83.5 inches long, so you will need to mount the Falcon Pro on a cabover rack.

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