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Why You Need to Rent a Roof Top Tent Right Now

Our roof top tents are the best way to get closer to the outdoors. There are so many reasons to own a Roofnest — from convenience and comfort to living the #vanlife without actually having to live in a van. You might be wondering if there’s a way try a Roofnest roof top tent before […]

How A Roofnest Can Save Your Camp Trip

Photo: Nickolaus Hines   When we say Roofnest roof top tents are easy-to-use, waterproof, and comfortable, we aren’t just tooting our own horns. Nick Hines at Matador Network recently took our Roofnest Falcon out for a night, and quickly saw how these three Roofnest features helped save him and his fiancé Heather from a few […]

9 Reasons You Need a Roofnest

If you work a 9-5, the weekend is your cherished time to escape from behind your desk and get out and explore. We’re right there with you. Camping to us is all about getting away from it all, and spending as many nights as we can under the stars. But when you’ve got a busy […]

How (And Where) To Camp With Your Dog

As the country starts to open back up little by little, one of the things we’re most excited about is planning our summer camping trips. Public camping grounds and state and national parks are slowly allowing people back in to camp. If you follow the rules, avoid crowded areas, and know how to camp safely […]

Automobile Magazine Reviews Our Sparrow XL

Image courtesy of Automobile Magazine Summer is almost here, and campers and hikers are itching to head to the mountains for a long weekend. For many states, it’s still up in the air when camp sites will be open and available for use by the public. That means we might be kicking off the camp […]

How to “Leave No Trace” When Camping

At Roofnest, we understand that our roof top tents are just half of the equation when it comes to elevating our customers’ camping experiences. The quickest, easiest, and most convenient roof top tent is only as good as the places it can take you. From our home here in the Rocky Mountains to the frozen […]

How To Recover From A Hike Like A Champ

At Roofnest, we’re obsessed with the outdoors. We’re happy to get our wheels dirty on a mountain bike trail, brave the cold on some backcountry slopes, and test the white waters of the Colorado River with a good old-fashioned raft trip. But one of our favorite ways to experience Mother Nature is by giving our […]

Car and Driver Tries Out the Roofnest Sandpiper

It’s no secret that overlanding isn’t just for the hardcore gearheads and desert-crossing daredevils anymore (Mad Max, anyone?). More and more people are looking for ways to feel what it’s like to live life on four wheels — even if it’s just for the weekend. Ezra Dyer of Car and Driver strapped a Roofnest Sandpiper […]

5 Best Camping Spots Under 2 Hours from Seattle

Seattle is famous for so many reasons — Jimi Hendrix, the Space Needle, Starbucks, plus Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in that one movie. But it’s also well known for the abundance of evergreen trees and forests in and around the city. There’s a reason they call it the Emerald City! And while we often […]