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March Ambassador Highlight: Matt Bauer

Corey Mercer

Feb 22, 2024


As the winter wraps up, we can’t wait to get out and camp. One of our newest ambassadors, Matt C Bauer, Owner of Rosewood Creative, makes sure he gets to do this year-round.

Matt is a father, business owner, and surfer who loves to get outdoors. We wanted to ask him a few questions and show you guys his first trip in his Roofnest Falcon to North Malibu.


1) What is your name, how old are you, and where do you live?

Matt Bauer, 34, Los Angeles CA

2) What do you do full time for work?

I am the Co-Founder of ROSEWOOD, the social first creative agency and in-house content studio headquartered in Los Angeles.

3) What drives you to adventure?

Being outdoors and in the ocean is my escape and daily therapy for my mind, body, and soul. No matter what might be happening in life, Mother Nature level sets life and helps paint a clear picture of what’s important.

4) How has having a Roofnest made adventuring easier?

Since converting to the Roofnest Falcon, I’ve seen so many improvements. Aesthetically, the sleek and thin design looks so much nicer than the bulky traditional folding RTT. Gas mileage has improved which is always a plus. Being able to strap surfboards to the rack on my tent has made packing so convenient. But ultimately, as a father to a toddler, being able to set up/tear down camp in under a minute is the true game-changer for me. It has allowed me to consider new locations to pop up the tent as well as spend more time focusing on the family.

5) Where have you been with the Roofnest and where are you planning to go?

We’ve only had it for a few weeks and have managed to hit the coast north of Malibu so far. I can’t wait to take it into the Eastern Sierra’s, Big Sur, and hopefully plan a surf trip up the coast to Oregon this summer.

6) What would you say to anyone thinking about getting a Roofnest or a rooftop tent in general?

You won’t regret it that’s for sure. There are so many great options from the wedge style for someone who wants a thin RTT option to the pop-ups that are super roomy. Get out there and enjoy.

From an easy set up for more family time, to the perfect surfboard storage solution, the Falcon was the ideal model for Matt Bauer, follow along on all his adventures on his Instagram @mattcbauer.

The Falcon might be perfect for Matt, but we have a tent for everyone, which model would you choose?

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