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The 10 Best Father's Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

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It’s nearly Father’s Day. Of course, that means grilling on the patio, camping on the weekends, and some gifts dad may or may not enjoy. Rather than get him some new socks or a necktie he’ll never wear, we recommend you get that special dad in your life something he’ll actually use — and like. If your dad is outdoorsy, you know firsthand how important it is for him to have the right tools for his favorite outdoor activities. Whether it’s hitting the backcountry with the rig or breaking out the grill for summer, make sure Dad gets what he needs with this Father’s Day gift guide. Don’t settle for the ordinary this Father’s Day. We’ve got a great list of the best gifts for outdoorsmen and the unique nature-loving dad in your life. So ditch those run-of-the-mill “dad joke” coffee table books, and get the man something he’ll brag about all year long.

HitchFire — F-20

Price: $649 Whether your dad likes camping or tailgating (he probably likes both), the HitchFire is a must-have accessory for dads who love to grill on the go. Hitch Fire features twin 10,000-BTU burners, a stainless steel grate, and extra large flame tamers, which are compatible with the HitchFire accessory catalog. Sure, it might be a bit bulky and odd. But these are the kinds of gifts dads live for on Father’s Day. HitchFire - F-20 >

Leitner Designs — HydroPOD Carry

Price: $349 If you’re doing it right, your outdoor gear (and kids and dogs) gets dirty. Before you toss it back into your car, rinse it off first. This is where Leitner Designs’ HydroPOD Carry (HPC). With 4.8 gallons of pressurized water, the HPC makes keeping your gear (and by extension your car) clean. Fill it up, pump it up, and use the 20-foot hose to shower your gear (or grubby children or animals) with good, clean water. With a sturdy base and an ergonomic carrying handle, the HPC is, well, easy to carry around on all your dad’s adventures. Leitner Designs - HydroPOD Carry >

NOMADICA — Casbah Camp Rug

Price: $55 A legitimately cool and functional addition to any campsite, a Casbah rug is one of those surprising gifts that keeps giving. Now, before you scoff too hard, we should tell you these things are actually way more than just decoration. Not only are they made from recycled materials, they also really keep dust down — both at camp and also inside your tent. Roll one of these bad boys out next to your dad’s rig and when he crawls into his Roofnest roof top tent, there will be far less dust on his boots. As "the dude" so famously stated, it was the rug that really tied the room together. Plus, they look cool and they’re not very expensive — win-win. NOMADICA - Cashbah Camp Rug >

Gerber Gear — Custom Knife

Price: $140 Whether your dad is a knife nerd or not, a cool, high-quality, custom-made knife (made here in the USA) is something he’ll both use and treasure. Gerber Gear, based in Portland, Oregon, will customize its best-selling knives just for you. You can pick the materials and colors. And you can even have, for example, your dad’s signature laser etched onto the blade. That way, people will always know it was John Smusgghees’ knife … wait. Or is that Jeff Joffhrheree? Is that what that says? That can’t be right. How is his signature this illegible? He’s an adult, right? This is inane. OK maybe don’t etch dad’s chicken scratch onto his knife. Just pick his favorite colors (maybe match the color of his truck) and call it good. Gerber Gear - Custom Knife >

DECKED — Truck Tool Box

Price: $899 If your dad has a pickup truck, he needs a tool box. Even if he has one already, he needs this newfangled one from DECKED. Unlike the antiquated truck tool boxes you’re familiar with, this one is made from recycled plastic here in America. Better yet, that means it doesn’t ding, dent, or rust. Plus, it’s virtually impervious to break-ins from pesky burglars. Most distinctive of all, DECKED’s Tool Box can be fitted with a nesting ladder. That means your dad won’t have to leap his chubby butt up into his truck bed just to get at his tool box or, heaven forbid, climb on the tire to reach in. Instead, he can stay safe and dignified and use a ladder like a sensible adult. You want to keep dad safe, don’t you? DECKED - Truck Tool Box >

Harbor Freight — Folding Camp Chair

Price: $29.99 Want to get your dad the best folding chair around, bar none? Seriously, it’s the one from Harbor Freight. Not only is it sturdy and comfortable, it also has a foldout table on one side and a couple of pockets on the other. From campsite to tailgating extravaganza, this chair will keep dad’s kiester comfy. Harbor Freight - Folding Camp Chair >

Overlanding Rental

Prices Vary Is dad interested in overlanding, but doesn’t have the gear or budget to go all in on his own? Rent him an overlanding rig. That way he can try it out for himself to see if he’s an overlander at heart. This is an excellent choice if Dad’s gear has entered the bottomless pit of the garage, or if he’s always wanted to experience the #vanlife. No matter where you live in the country, there’s a good chance that there is a great overlanding rental firm near you. We have put together a list of ones we really like. And, yes, they all roll with Roofnest tents. Overland Discovery — Arvada, CO Colorado Overlander — Glenwood Springs, CO Camp Car — Kula, HI Get Lost Travel Vans — Girdwood, AK Native CamperVans — Salt Lake City, UT Road Trip Arizona — Glendale, Arizona Indie Campers — Throughout the USA Overland Discovery — Multiple locations

YETI Base Camp Chair

Price: $299 We know how much dads love their chairs. It’s almost a requirement to take a snooze in the shade on the campsite after a good camping meal. But maybe it’s about time you replace the flimsy one he’s been attached to all these years. YETI’s base camp chair is the most durable camping chair on the market with a double-barrel frame that won’t break down in the sun’s rays and sturdy joint construction. So your dad can easily chuck it in the back of the truck without banging it up. A chair built-to-last — just like Dad’s sense of humor >


Price: $599 Whether your dad is an Elon Musk stan or simply a web junkie, if your dad likes to get outdoors but stay connected to high-speed internet, there are few better options than Starlink. With lots of coverage swaths all over the western US, there are few off-the-grid spots dad can venture to that Starlink can’t cover. There is a one-time hardware fee of $599 and then ongoing monthly subscription of $135. So, it can add up quickly. But if dad insists on watching his favorite baseball team play next to his favorite fly-fishing river, there are few better options than Starlink. Starlink >

A Roofnest Roof Top Tent

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Price: $2,995+ Last but not least, what Father’s Day would be complete without a Roofnest RTT for the whole family! And if Dad wants to be comfortable while he’s camping, there’s really no alternative than a spacious and cozy Roofnest. With a crazy quick and convenient setup, Dad can let the kids pop the tent while he fires up the grill or gets his fishing gear ready. Roofnest lover Zac Gruber getting geared up for Father’s Day No more fiddling with tent poles or pulling out his back trying to get into a tent on the ground for Pops this time. Just snap the latches and it’s go-time. Each Roofnest is spacious enough for the whole family and keeps you dry and comfortable no matter what the forecast brings. Store all the gear up top and the bedding inside and everyone’s happy — especially dads who end up doing the grunt work on the campsite most of the time. A great spread by Jake Bauer shared in the Roofnest Flock Facebook Group

Make This the Most Memorable Father’s Day Yet

This is the year to splurge on a roof top tent for Dad. Get an XL model roof top tent for the family, or surprise him with a Condor, Falcon, or our newest Sparrow Adventure. No matter which RTT you pick out for Dad this year, just be sure to throw a bow on top for good measure. Elevate your family camping experience with a Roofnest >