Winter Storage

As the leaves fall and the temperature drops we know  most people have decided that camping season is over. Time to swap out the Roofnest for a ski rack, unless you have a Sparrow X of course… Now the question arises, how and where are you going to store your Roofnest safely for the winter? There are a few options to store your Roofnest if you don’t want to camp all winter long.


If you do want to camp all winter long, get your Roofnest today!

The Leaner

The first is an easy solution if you are limited on space and do not want to spend time and money installing a pully system style storage device. We always recommend that you keep your Roofnest at least 2” off the ground in case of any moisture. The first step is to purchase a moving bag designed for mattresses, a queen size should work perfectly. Wrap your Roofnest in the bag, seal the end with duct tape, fold excess, and tape to side. Once the Roofnest is wrapped, take four 12” long 2×4 sections and space them out evenly over the width of the tent on the ground against a wall. Now take your Roofnest, and lean it against the wall on top of the supports. For added security drill an eyehole screw a few inches into the wall on either side of the tent half way up and secure your Roofnest to the wall with a cam strap or rope.


Flat Stanley

Another easy solution for Roofnest storage if you have the room, is to store it flat as if it were still on your car. We still recommend using the mattress bag mentioned above to keep your Roofnest dust free and to keep any pesky bugs out. Once you have your Roofnest off of your car store mounting materials in Roofnest for safe keeping. Insert Roofnest into bag, seal, and then set on four 2×4 sections spaced out 20 inches apart.


The Houdini

This is a great solution if you plan on taking your Roofnest on an off all year long. It requires a lot more work but is a great way to have the ability to detach and install your Roofnest alone if needed. This is built from two bike pully racks and webbing, these are listed below and available on Amazon.

Pully Rack


Place each pully from one set across from each other horizontally on the ceiling of your garage, spaced approximately 51”-59” apart depending on your Roofnest model. Mount the second set of pullies 40″ away from the first in the same fashion (51″-59″ apart) so when you hoist your Roofnest there is approximately 20” on either side of the pullies. Lastly, create a basic webbing loop from hook to hook that can slide under your Roofnest and hoist it up to your garage roof!


4 Season Camper

If you don’t want to take your Roofnest off for the winter, you don’t have to. With our ABS-Fiberglass shell paired with walls that received a waterproof rating of 3000mm (3x a typical tent), you’re Roofnest is safe on your roof all winter long, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.



Keep your Roofnest safe all winter long using any of these options and be sure that it will be ready to enjoy for many years to come. If you have any further questions regarding storage  or anything else, always feel free to reach out to us at

Feather Your Nest For Winter Camping

As winter rolls around the corner, we all want to keep camping. Luckily, with a Roofnest, you can camp comfortably all winter long if you prepare and outfit your Roofnest with a few key items that will keep you warm all winter long.

One solution to stay toasty in any condition while sleeping in your Roofnest is our Roofnest Ptarmigan Insulation. Our insulation is packable, easy to install, and will keep you warm all winter long. With quick and easy installation, you just hook the edges of the insulation to the top edges of your tent and it will extend your comfort range by around 30 degrees.

If you don’t want to insulate your tent and just want to be nice and toasty in your Roofnest when it’s a little chilly out, nothing beats an electric blanket! For this option, you will need access to a portable camping battery, check out our blog post to see how to make one yourself. There are endless options for electric blankets on Amazon for anywhere from $40 – $140 and they are a great way to stay warm all night long.

Another thing that might seem obvious but will always help, is having a reliable sleeping bag. Sleeping bags can range in price and can end up costing you a pretty penny, but they are a great investment if you plan on camping into the fall and winter, our friends over at Best Hiking rated the top 5 sleeping bags for winter camping.

Staying off the ground in a Roofnest will already keep you warmer than in a  regular tent and with these tips you can make sure to stay warm no matter what mother nature throws at you. We always love to hear any tips and tricks you guys have found along the way so submit yours to us on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on our blog!

Happy Adventuring!

DIY Portable Camping Battery



You’ve got your camping setup dialed in and you want to extend the weekend to milk a little more out of your trip. But you also want to charge your phone, run your 12V Roofnest Fridge overnight, light up your camp, and bang out a little work on your laptop so your boss doesn’t get testy while you’re out hiking through canyons on a work day.

Portable power is a great addition to modern camping setups and there are a bunch of companies catering to this need (e.g., Goal Zero, Anker, etc) but they charge anywhere from $300-$500 for most batteries! In this post I’m going to show you how you can easily build your own 35Ah portable battery box with 12V outlets that you can charge with your car’s cigarette lighter or solar panels for under $125.

First, a disclaimer, we are not electricians and we do not make any claims as to the longevity or safety of this setup

We’ve used this in our own camping setup and have never had a problem but please consult a professional if you have any concerns about the setup.

Our goal was to create a portable power system which we could easily bring camping, charge while driving, and that would power our 12V portable refrigerator overnight while also providing power for other small devices like lights or phones. We’ve chosen to use a 35Ah battery but you can use another size battery according to your needs.

To build a portable camping battery you need a battery (duh), some outlets to use the power, and a charge controller that takes power from an outside source (cigarette lighter or solar panels) and efficiently charges the battery. Let’s get to it!

Here’s your parts list:

35Ah Battery $68
Battery Box  $12
Charge Controller $21
12V Outlets $12
12v Charging Plug $8
Total $121


1. Attach the charge controller and 12V outlets to the outside of the battery box, I just used small screws but you can also drill small holes into the box to use nuts and bolts.

2. Wire the battery to the charge controller – cut off about 12-15” from the 12V plug cable and use this. Attach the leads to the battery (red=positive; I drilled a hole in the batter box to thread the leads through – in the photo I drilled the hole near the top but I would suggest drilling it near the bottom where the controller is). Then strip the free ends and insert them into the battery terminals on the charge controller.

3. Wire the 12V outlets to the battery in the same way – again, I drilled a hole and left the fuse on the outside of the box.

4. Finally attach the 12V plug to the charge controller by stripping the free ends and inserting into the “solar” leads on the controller. (Note that charge controllers are designed to accept varied electrical current and output a “controlled” current to charge batteries. The controller we’re using is designed to accept up to 18 amps of current so it works with most vehicles’ cigarette lighter – if your vehicle puts out more than 18 amps from its cigarette lighter plugs you may need a different controller).

6 Roofnest Upgrades You’ll Want Now


From the Grand Canyon to Yosemite, and with countless nights in Roofnests, the Flock has put our tents to the test. They’ve also discovered some great Roofnest upgrades you’ll want to get right now. We list our favorite six below:


1) Lighting

Of course, we all love sleeping among the stars — that’s why we adventure right? Sometimes the stars just aren’t bright enough and you need a little help when it comes to light.   

It’s time to get some next-level lighting in your Roofnest. For less than $20 you can bring the stars with you. The USB-powered Sitelight minis are a perfect lighting solution. Mount them to the inner roof of your Roofnest, or string them through the mesh roof pocket for the perfect lighting.


2) Cooling

We have designed Roofnests to have as much ventilation as possible, with all of the models having two windows and two entry points so you can stay nice and cool throughout the night. But what about those hot summer nights where you just can’t escape the heat? After a few sweaty, sleepless nights, we’ve found the perfect solution to keep you cool all night long.

In addition to the large Roofnest windows, an overhead or window fan can make you much cooler resulting in comfortable sleeping on hot summer nights.  For less than $15 you can get a rechargeable, portable fan with a built-in lantern to hang in the interior of your Roofnest, bringing in that breeze you’ve been looking for.


3) Shower

Rooftop tents give you the freedom to pick up and go whenever you want. That being said, where do you shower when you decide to pick up and go on a month-long road trip? Sure, you can go to rest stops or buy a day pass at a local gym, but why do that when you can mount a shower on the side of your tent?

With the Roadshower you can enjoy the comfort of a warm, pressurized shower no matter where you are.



4) Bedding

Waking up in the morning and having to cram a sleeping bag in a sack that looks like it was made for something half the size is now a thing of the past. Enter the lightweight and compact down blanket that fits perfectly in your Roofnest — from Roofnest.

No need to pack it away when you get back on the road, just leave it in your Roofnest, close it up, and it will be ready to go when you get to your next spot! Packed with 600 grams of 750 fill down insulation and measuring at 84 inches by 72 inches, this is the perfect blanket for all your Roofnest needs.


5) Solar

We know that half the fun of being out on the road is disconnecting and enjoying your surroundings. However, sometimes you need to have a charged phone in case of emergencies. With the Biolite Solar Panel, you can make sure to stay charged no matter how off the grid you are. The integrated 2200 Onboard MaH battery lets you soak up the sun during the day and store energy for when you need it most. We love disconnecting, but make sure you always have the option to call for help if you need it!


6) Awning

Sometimes mother nature has her own plans for your trip. With the compact Little Wing Awning, you can make sure to stay covered from the elements, no matter what mother nature decides to throw your way.

With the integrated dome shape and compact size, this is the perfect awning for every type of car, large and small.


Camping doesn’t have to consist of sleepless nights on the ground, waking up covered in sweat. With these six Roofnest upgrades, you are sure to be the glamper you’ve always wanted to be.

Roofnest just got Fridges!!

Haha – that’s right, Roofnest is even cooler than it used to be.

We are stoked to announce our new 12v DC Fridge! Now you can take refrigerated (or even frozen) food and cold beverages with you on your next road trip without ever having to stop for ice! The Roofnest Fridge comes in Gray and (of course) Orange and will be a great addition to your car camping (or truck or van) setup!

Digitally set the temperature anywhere between -13° and +68° Fahrenheit to keep fresh food fresh, cold beer cold, or frozen food frozen. The Fridge can be plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and has a battery protection function that shuts the Fridge down when your starter (or backup) battery gets too low.

With a 40 liter volume there’s plenty of room for all your refrigerated food and beverages and the low power consumption of the Fridge’s efficient compressor will ensure the Fridge stays running day and night.

That orange is sweet right??

Right now and for a very limited time we are selling these babies for $495 – an incredible price for this sweet bit of kit!

For more information – check these out in our Store!

Introducing our Ptarmigan Insulation system!

Always trying to innovate and improve our customers’ car camping experience, we have been working on an insulation package for our Basic and X model tents…. And it’s finally here!

Introducing the Ptarmigan Insulation system – the Ptarmigan Insulation system is a packable, easy-to-install, synthetic insulation system for both Roofnest Basic models (Eagle and Sparrow) as well as the Sparrow X.

The Ptarmigan Tent Insulation system has vertical zippers at each corner for installation around the gas struts and small metal hooks that easily attach its upper edge to the upper shell. There is a vertical zipper at each doorway for ease of entry and exit.

Once the insulation is zipped and hooked into place, the lower edge is tucked under the mattress to create an enclosed, cozy space.

The insulation can be installed or removed in ten minutes and can be left installed when travelling as long as you’re careful to tuck the insulation and tent material fully inside the tent when closing it.

The system is made from a synthetic polyester-based insulation with a polyester-based covering that is mildew and stain resistant. The insulation and cover are all through-stitched for durability and easy of use. Zippers are all metal and the bottom edge is finished with a durable nylon end piece for long-lasting wear.

Check it out here on our site and get one to help you stay warm this winter!!