Feather Your Nest For Winter Camping

As winter rolls around the corner, we all want to keep camping. Luckily, with a Roofnest, you can camp comfortably all winter long if you prepare and outfit your Roofnest with a few key items that will keep you warm all winter long.

One solution to stay toasty in any condition while sleeping in your Roofnest is our Roofnest Ptarmigan Insulation. Our insulation is packable, easy to install, and will keep you warm all winter long. With quick and easy installation, you just hook the edges of the insulation to the top edges of your tent and it will extend your comfort range by around 30 degrees.

If you don’t want to insulate your tent and just want to be nice and toasty in your Roofnest when it’s a little chilly out, nothing beats an electric blanket! For this option, you will need access to a portable camping battery, check out our blog post to see how to make one yourself. There are endless options for electric blankets on Amazon for anywhere from $40 – $140 and they are a great way to stay warm all night long.

Another thing that might seem obvious but will always help, is having a reliable sleeping bag. Sleeping bags can range in price and can end up costing you a pretty penny, but they are a great investment if you plan on camping into the fall and winter, our friends over at Best Hiking rated the top 5 sleeping bags for winter camping.

Staying off the ground in a Roofnest will already keep you warmer than in a  regular tent and with these tips you can make sure to stay warm no matter what mother nature throws at you. We always love to hear any tips and tricks you guys have found along the way so submit yours to us on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on our blog!

Happy Adventuring!

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