The Sparrow just got a backpack!

The new Sparrow X (for eXtend) has all the features of our most popular size tent, the Sparrow, and has a built-in tubular steel rack on top so you can carry canoes, paddleboards, bicycles, surf boards, or anything else you want to use while enjoying the outdoors.

Now you don’t have to sacrifice the carrying capacity of your roof to put a bedroom on your car or truck! Perfect for carrying oversized items like canoes or paddleboards which can’t travel inside your vehicle or be attached to a hitch-mount rack.

The Sparrow X is 82″ long by 49″ wide and sits just 12″ high when closed. The rack is made of powder-coated steel with alloy connections between the bars and reinforced attachments with the fiberglass shell. The roof rack can hold up to 100 lbs with the tent closed. (Roofnest recommends removing anything over 25 lbs from the Sparrow X’s rack before opening the tent for sleeping.)

Rack detail on Sparrow X roof top tent

Rack detail on Sparrow X roof top tent

The Sparrow X has the same comfortable HDF mattress for a good night’s rest, the waterproof poly-cotton canvas tent walls, and the mesh windows and doors.

We’ll be getting several Sparrow X’s in both black and white in June but we’re sure they will sell out before the shipment arrives.