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Letter From The Founder


Greetings Dear Camper,

Over the last year the global economy has faced various shocks – shortages of labor, materials, and services have created bottlenecks and increased costs in every area. For Roofnest specifically, we’ve experienced large increases in our cost of materials and especially shipping – both from our factories to our warehouse and from our warehouse to our customers. These changes have made running the business extremely challenging and, unfortunately, we cannot continue without adjusting to these conditions ourselves. As a result, we are forced to increase prices on all our roof top tents beginning November 1st, and want to notify everyone in advance.

Here at Roofnest we pride ourselves on building the best roof top tents in the world – and while there is often a hefty price tag associated with things labeled “the best” – we also want everyone to be able to participate in roof top camping which is why our prices have always been positioned as low as possible. Increasing pricing is never something we want to do. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate through these challenging times. Thanks to all of you!


Tim Nickles
Founder, CEO

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