Roofnest Anti-Condensation Mat

Roofnest Anti-Condensation Mat

All our ABS-Fiberglass tents purchased after 5/1/2019 ship with a free Anti-Condensation Mat installed.

The Roofnest Anti-Condensation Mat provides a air-permeable layer between the mattress and lower shell to reduce moisture build-up and allow more air circulation. Our Anti-Condensation mats are 1cm thick and custom cut in two sizes to fit our tents.  Our small fits Sparrow, Sparrow EYE, and Sandpiper (also the Sparrow X) and our Large fits the Eagle. The mat will not affect the opening and closing of your Roofnest.

When you’re camping in colder weather a temperature gradient exists and so moisture will build up on the tent walls, ceiling, and floor. The Anti-Condensation mat reduces the temperature gradient at the floor and allows any moisture to escape. It also helps with air-flow inside the tent and provides a small amount of extra padding.

To install, simply remove the mattress, unroll the Anti-Condensation mat onto the lower shell so that the cut-outs line up with the hinges, and tuck the edges of the mat under the metal banding. Replace your mattress and you’re ready to go!

Ships to the lower 48 for FREE and to AK or HI for $25.


Finance with Bread

Please see the Specifications tabs below for more information on the Roofnest Anti-Condensation Mat.

Materials and Construction

Construction Materials

The Roofnest Anti-Condensation mat is made from marine-grade polyester designed to be odor-free, non-toxic, and washable. The Mats are cut-to-size for your Roofnest and are 1cm thick. They can be added to any Roofnest and will not affect closing the tent, etc.


The Roofnest Limited Warranty

When you buy a Roofnest product we want you to have an excellent experience purchasing and enjoying it. We provide a one year warranty to the original purchaser against manufacturer defects covering workmanship, parts, and materials which fail under normal use.

During this initial period Roofnest will correct the issue through repair or replacement at no cost. After the first year, we will repair and/or replace parts, materials, etc on a case-by-case basis for failures due to normal use. Roofnest does not cover problems due to user error, neglect, or acts of God. We will, however, work with you to get replacement parts and help with repair wherever possible.

If you ever encounter an issue with your Roofnest product after the warranty period is over you can count on excellent customer support. We can get spare parts (struts, awning poles, zippers, etc), help suggest fixes, and generally work with you to keep your Roofnest product in top shape for years to come!