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Discover the convenience, comfort, and easy
setup of roof top camping.

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Discover the convenience, comfort, and easy
setup of roof top camping.

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Sparrow Series
Tents that are best for the everyday camper.
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These easy-to-use, do-it-all tents offer more headroom, tons of storage both inside and outside the tent, and easily accommodate a solar panel. Perfect for campers of all experience levels!


With their small footprint and aerodynamic design, these tents are perfect for smaller cars or over truck bed racks. The Condor XL fits almost any vehicle, and folds out to comfortably sleep a family of 4!


These are our most durable and versatile tents, often favored by overlanding enthusiasts. The focus of these tents is ruggedness, ability to attach multiple accessories, and a sleek, aerodynamic design.

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Best roof top

Rated 5 out of 5
March 31, 2021

Falcon XL is a fantastic roof tent, well-built and super comfy mattress (better than my bed). I’m very happy with this purchase and the convenient of just park my jeep in any nice spot and open and close it in a minute. My small dog loves this tent.


Solid quality

Rated 5 out of 5
March 27, 2021

There are primarily two reasons why I went with a Falcon over my initial inclination to go with a Sparrow. One is the extreme rugged durability with a solid metal case. The other is that it’s very tall at its peak so if you want to sit up or get dressed there’s a lot of height in that one area. It’s roomy in some ways but it’s also tight at the front point where it’s narrowest. The other advantage that I’ve discovered as a pleasant surprise is that it’s very solid in bad weather, especially when you point it into the wind. winds up to 20 mph are not even noticed when you’re inside and it still holds up very well to wind speeds much higher than that. last of all, it’s easy for me to close by myself since I’ve only gone solo camping with it.

Darrin Roush

Sparrow Rocks

Rated 5 out of 5
March 20, 2021

I’m a year into the ownership of the sparrow. I took a three week tour of national parks this past summer and it preformed great. I put it on a Subaru Outback. I also use it on my f150 as a base camp when I fly fish. It’s very comfortable and quick to open or close. Made camping so much easier.

Dennis Voyles