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Discover the convenience, comfort, and easy
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Discover the convenience, comfort, and easy
setup of roof top camping.

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These easy-to-use, do-it-all tents offer more headroom, tons of storage both inside and outside the tent, and easily accommodate a solar panel. Perfect for campers of all experience levels!


With their small footprint and aerodynamic design, these tents are perfect for smaller cars or over truck bed racks. The Condor XL fits almost any vehicle, and folds out to comfortably sleep a family of 4!


These are our most durable and versatile tents, often favored by overlanding enthusiasts. The focus of these tents is ruggedness, ability to attach multiple accessories, and a sleek, aerodynamic design.

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Exactly what I wanted

5.0 rating
February 25, 2021

I recerched a lot of roof top tents for four months and picked the Falcon XL. My wife and I talked about getting a camper but I didn’t want to be tied down with a hauling a trailer, so I started looking into roof top tents. I was out west once before and saw them around which is where I got the idea. I don’t think us east coasters have grasp this great camping alternative yet, you don’t see them around here much. I recently retired and took a 32 day road trip around the country and traveled 10,000 miles. I went hiking, biking and visited a dozen of our national parks. I was selling on the roofnest, everywhere I went people were asking me about it and taking pictures of it. I loved my Roofnest. I’m planning another trip this summer. The only complaint I would have is the latches. They are impossible to open and close. I solved that problem with a quickgrip and release clamp. I was also a little worried about thunder storms. The tent looks great on my gray f-150 after I found a compatible rack and tonneau cover. Once I get my friends to help me put it on the truck this spring that is where it is going to stay until winter. It only rained two times while on my trip, but seemed to be nice and dry inside. If I leave early in the morning to go somewhere after a rainy night I just stop somewhere and its easy enough to just pop it up and down to let it dry. Great tent Roofnest, I’ll keep selling on it
Just wish I could find a way to send you a couple pictures because i’m not on face book.

Eric K

I've loved every minute owning this tent...

5.0 rating
February 22, 2021

We are a family of 4 that camps with our two young boys. We got the Condor XL to accommodate the 4 of us and make getting out and setting up quicker and easier. We have loved this tent and so have our boys. The convenience of setup/takedown compared to a ground tent is night and day. Not to mention the added sense of security you feel being up off the ground. I think Roofnest has done a great job paying attention to little details that other brands charge extra for. The built in LED lighting, the included shoe bags, and sand mat are all really convenient upgrades that are included in the package. Great tent, great company!

Sam B

Maiden voyage

5.0 rating
February 16, 2021

Headed from NH to Sw Florida in Jan..1st night at a camp ground in Va.. 30* raining I set this up by myself in 4 min in the rain…closed up next morning and headed down 95 got to Florida Georgia line and stayed at a Pilot truck stop no issues felt safe but COLD 27* stayed warm …when I got to Florida I aired the tent out good because of condensation…my only issue is getting the ladder to lock still haven’t figured that out… 3 weeks later drove back no issues 1st night second night in Scranton Pa there was a blizzard 24” of snow ..had to cave and get a hotel room ..didn’t want to take a chance the tent would collapse on me ..