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Get Outside Faster & Stay Longer with a Roofnest

Say hello to a better night’s sleep and camping made simple with a roof top tent

Camping Elevated

Roofnest makes the industry’s most rugged and comfortable rooftop tents.  Just pop open the latches and in under a minute, your tent is ready to go — on any terrain and in any weather.

A Roofnest means spending more time relaxing with friends and family around the campfire, and less time wrestling with tent poles and air mattresses, or worrying about critters on the ground.

Say goodbye to sleeping on cold, bumpy, and uneven ground, and hello to better views, a cleaner tent, and most importantly, an excellent night’s sleep.

Your Ticket to Instant Adventure

Complete Comfort

  • With a ton of headroom and a 3 inches thick, super comfortable foam mattress, a Roofnest turns any vehicle into a cozy bed-on-wheels
  • Stay warmer in cold weather with our thick canvas walls and insulated shell
  • Many models allow you to add extra insulation for even more warmth

Quick & Easy Setup

  • Pops open in under 60 seconds –
  • No covers to take off or awnings to unfold
  • Many models can store your bedding even when they’re collapsed, so it’s always ready to go

Camp Anywhere You Can Park

  • Traditional campsites, music festivals, private land, or driveways — even
  • Walmart parking lots (not saying you should, but you could!)
  • Anywhere you can sleep in an RV or camper, you can Roofnest

Sleep off the Ground

  • Elevated camping keeps dirt and pests out of your tent
  • No need to find flat ground for comfortable sleep
  • Enjoy better views, warmer camping & improved ventilation with 3 or 4 windows on every tent.


  • Being high up means you’re safe from critters
  • Roof top tents provide more protection from the elements
  • Made with high-quality, durable materials for decades of use

Camp Better in an RTT

Roof top tent sparrow
summer music festival tent camping, two people laying in tent with sunset


Tent on the ground

  • A Roofnest sets up in under one minute.
  • Comfy foam mattress means a cozy, restful night of sleep (whenever you get around to it).
  • Like a mobile bedroom with space to sit up, hang out, play cards, you name it.
  • Stay warm even in the coldest temps with the thick, canvas, walls and insulated shell.
  • Most roof top tent models come with the ability to add extra insulation for mega warmth.
  • Get a great night’s sleep.
  • Better views.
  • Warmer camping.
  • A cleaner tent.
  • Better ventilation.
  • No need to find flat ground that isn’t covered in rocks, roots, pine cones, fire ant mounds (ouch).
  • Sleeping off the ground keeps you warmer, and built-in foam mattress means more comfortable camping.
“The Falcon is an ideal tent for frequent campers who seek convenience and efficiency.”
“The Roofnest Sparrow is one of the sharpest looking rooftop tents we’ve ever seen.” 
“Getting situated with the Roofnest Sparrow is easy, and packs some wow factor.” 
“The star of our show was the Roofnest Sparrow.” 
“Living off the grid is getting easier…the top shell of the latest Sparrow model can accommodate a 100-watt flexible solar panel.”
“The Roofnest Falcon is one of our favorite roof top tents. It’s a high-end model that has a low profile, yet is surprisingly roomy. It makes car camping a breeze.”
“Pitching a tent atop your car affords you the luxury of hitting any open road and always knowing where you’ll lay your head.”
“Roofnest has spent the last half-decade establishing itself as one of the most eminent players in the off-road and Overlanding rooftop tent space, consistently releasing entirely new models or upgraded variants of existing offerings.”
“Our Favorite Roof Top Tent.”
“Roofnest makes a premium product designed for all sorts of weather that’s simple and easy to use.”  
“The Falcon Rooftop tent is the quickest tent I’ve set up ever.”

Experience the Roofnest Difference

Easy and fast to set up

Made with high quality materials

Colorado-owned company: We live in the Rockies. No one knows camping better than we do.

Stay protected with our 2-year limited warranty

Best-in-class customer support

Our Financing program means you can elevate your camping now

Why Campers Love Roofnest

See what people are saying about our roof top tents.

November 14, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

Life changing tent.

In Spring of 2021 I began planning a six week road trip, determined to make use of pandemic space in our lives. My hubby was less than willing to be camping for that length of time and was objecting vehemently to the project. I hadn’t intended to purchase a roof tent although I was aware they existed but I was browsing free-camping site and saw photos of rooftops and had to investigate because it occurred to me that hubby might be more invested in my adventure if he had a new toy. I slyly bought the Sparrow after doing some research for what should best fit us. As predicted, he couldn’t wait to get, unpack and investigate it. We hoisted it stop our “ole girl” – (17 y/o Toyota Sienna XL) and in May 2021 set off for our first extended, self-sustaining 6000 miles road trip around the west. What a blast. That was a year ago and I have a bonafide road tripper on my hands. The Sparrow has made all the difference in how we camp now. Here’s how: 1. We sleep so well. The foam mattress is thick and comfortable and gives an unbelievable-until-you-try -it good nights rest. 2. Sleeping with fresh air and views. The “doors” and “windows can all be sealed (but not advisable since the seal is tight) from rain but the experience of sleeping with wild air coming in is matchless. All the openings have zippered screens as well as a heavy duty zippered flap which turn into awnings with provided poles or can be rolled up. Bring your own views. 3. You can leave your sleeping equipment stowed in the Sparrow while traveling. The hard shell provided enough depth for us to leave 2 full sized sleeping bags, an extra blanket and 2 pillows plus PJs which made a simple set -up ultra simple. 4. Easy to set-up, unlatch and push up. Leave the rest to the hydraulic arms. 5. Takedown is simple too and takes a few more steps but after doing for 3 times it took less than 10 mins (1person) to attain full locked status. Also if you’re vertically challenged as we are, bring a sturdy fold-up stool to help you get the locks done. Especially if tent is on higher vehicle. 5. Ready. Set. Pick up and go. We leave our Sparrow, now well stickered, on the ole girl and are ready to go at a moments notice. Since getting the Nest and doing that epic trip, we’ve been on many shorter trips. A lot of our free time is spent planning for the next road trip. We are 100% HOOKED. I seriously believe if we hadn’t had such a wonderful experience with the Sparrow, we wouldn’t be here. LOVE MY ROOFNEST.
Bill and Cathy
November 14, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

Super convenient, super comfortable

We’ve had our Sparrow Eye for a couple of years and slept in it a couple of hundred nights. It’s built well – we’ve had no problems. And I sleep better in the Roofnest than I do at home. When I was deciding on which model to get, I got in touch with the Roofnest crew (who are incredibly responsive!) and told them I was looking for convenience. (Let’s face it folks, that’s one of the big selling points for a RTT.) They directed to toward the Sparrow Eye, and I’m glad they did. There’s room to leave all bedding (double sleeping bag, pillows, orange down blanket from Roofnest, etc.) inside when it’s closed, which makes set up/close down so easy and quick. I’m sure all the Roofnest models and well built and comfortable. But for max convenience, the Sparrow Eye is the way to go. I can’t wait to get back out in the woods!
November 11, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

Go big or fo home

I bought it for three people. Fits us nicely. I’ve used it twice so far. Both times, it has weathered through chilly nights to warm days along with heavy rain days and nights. On cooler nights, with us inside breathing and our body heat, the inside condensated some. Not dripping wet but definitely visible moisture droplets on the walls. Everything else about is nice. One of my window awning pole broke unexpectedly. Not sure why. During the second camping trip, I heard a load snap and looked around and found the window dangling with the pole. But, I couldn’t have chosen a better tent though. I did however think there could be some improvements. Should have a thicker matress option for those that need more cushion (me). Should have some kind safety bar at the egress door that can be folded away when folding up the tent. There’s nothing to grab when trying to get out of the tent. Maybe a taller cover so extra blankets amd pillows can be stored away when folded down. A window on the top cover would be nice.
Kary Williams
October 3, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

Awesome Customer Service

I highly recommend Roofnest… My Falcon 2 XL was damaged when it originally arrived. This occurred during the shipping process and was no fault of Roofnests. While I was incredibly disappointed, I have to admit, I ended up having one of the best customer service experiences of my life. They were responsive, quick to ship out a replacement tent, shipped me straps to assist with sending the damaged tent back, and were friendly as could be. I’m from the south and that goes a long way with me. They also made things right with me in regards to the delay and my own time spent dealing with it. The tent itself is great! Lots of room, easy to install, quality materials, and literally sets up in 30 seconds. I did a lot of research before making my decision. I’d happily make the same decision again. Go with Roofnest, in the end you won’t be disappointed.
August 31, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

A lot of compliments!

Received our Condor XL and could not be happier. Fast shipment, great customer service, and friendly helpful delivery workers. Opened it up at our apartment to check the inside and got so much compliments from our neighbors! Took it up Yosemite National and boy, people were turning necks! Strangers coming up to us asking where we bought it and specs. Using it first time this weekend at camp! So exciting!
Jordan Taylor
August 12, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

Top Notch Tent – Accessories, not so much

Overall this is a superb tent. I went from an iKamper to the Flacon Pro as I preferred the sleek look and aluminum exterior. It’s quick to deploy and has held up in some pretty wild winds. Over the past 9 months, I’ve spent about 30 nights in the tent. The one complaint is the hardware provided by Roofnest. After having the tent for one rainy season in the PNW, all mounting hardware on the tent and the Roofnest Wing are showing signs of rust. Will be soon replacing with stainless. Also, the rod used to stabilize the U-bar seems not well thought out. The design of the ends don’t match either connecting point, too small for the U-bar and too big for the other end. With that, the tent is still 5 stars in my book. Looking forward to many more adventures with the Flacon Pro. Join the flock!

Tent Wizard

Answer a few simple questions and we’ll tell you which Roofnest will work best for you


Can I use a Roofnest tent with any car?

You bet! A Roofnest is compatible with any car. Roofnest roof top tents attach to your car’s crossbars like a ski rack or storage box.

I’m not a hardcore camper. Would a Roofnest be good for me?

If you’re into being super comfortable and adding significant convenience to your camping experience, then a roof top tent is a smart option. Think of it like taking everything that’s great about your bedroom, sticking it on top of your car, and then getting to snooze the night away — safely and comfortably under the stars.

How many people can sleep in a Roofnest tent?

Depending on the model, you can comfortably sleep anywhere from 2-4 people, and/or some furry friends.

How long does it take to pop up and break down a Roofnest?

Set up or takedown of our roof top tents can be done in under a minute. Go ahead and time us, we’re the fastest roof top tent in the land.

Where can you use a Roofnest?

You can sleep anywhere that allows overnight parking. This includes National Parks, National Forests, BLM lands, Walmart parking lots, and in your in-laws’ driveway.

How do I get in and out of a Roofnest?

Every Roofnest comes with a telescoping ladder. They’re durable, lightweight, collapsible, and safe. Yes, you can get your big pets up there, too!

What about strong winds, rain, sleet, snow and the cold nights of winter?

Roofnests are nearly as weatherproof as your car, and certainly warmer.

Our customers have reported sleeping comfortably through major wind storms, snow storms, dust storms, and even deep freezing temps. We even have added insulation for some models.

Got more questions? Our team of outdoor experts will help you find the right tent for your vehicle and lifestyle.

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