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The heat of the sun tells your body that it’s time to wake up, no alarm necessary. The waves crash on shore steps from your campsite. You open your eyes, peer out through your second-story tent flap, and check the surf.

This is another day in the life of the nomadic, wave-chasing, bohemian lifestyle that comes with a rooftop tent and a surf board. Make no mistake, these two are like chocolate and peanut butter – each great unto its own, and yet, legendary when paired together.

Chasing the surf along Baja California’s coastline

You might already know from experience why camping is the way to go for the surf adventure-seeker. Or maybe you’re surf camping-curious and considering your first excursion. 

But have you considered leveling up? Rooftop tent camping will bring your next journey to new heights. We know from experience.

Want to live it for yourself? Pack your bags, grab your board, and get ready for an epic camping surf trip, Roofnest style.

Whether you’re overlanding to Baja California or escaping to your favorite surf spot close to home, Roofnest wants to come with you. (We especially recommend Puertecitos and Agua Verde if Baja is calling your number.)

Here are our top 7 reasons to try rooftop tent camping on your next surf adventure:

1. Epic views 

Think ocean-front camping is nice? Take that up a level to second-story views. That’s more like it. The view from your rooftop campsite is truly unbeatable, and you won’t even need to leave your tent to check the waves in the morning.

2. Unparalleled mobility

Surf breaks in spots like Baja California can be unpredictable and shift rapidly. Don’t lose time breaking down your campsite when you need to chase the break—or whenever you’re ready to head to the next adventure. Rooftop camping empowers you to travel effortlessly like the wanderer you are.

3. Clean and easy

It’s easier to keep the sand out of your tent when… your tent is not sitting right on the sand. Stay sand-free, sleep better, and enjoy your adventure more by keeping the grit where it belongs: out on the waves.

4. Wind-resistant.

Rooftop camping offers better wind resistance than camping on the ground, or in a soft-shell tent. And that’s especially important for those unprotected, windy beach campsites. You’ll thank yourself when you get up there.

5. Surfboard-friendly. 

We know it can be a pain to wrestle your boards into your car or fight with straps and rigging every time you want to move to a new spot. With Roofnest, you can mount your boards directly to the rack along with the rest of your gear and get to the next break—fast.

6. More flexibility 

Besides plenty of water and other basic necessities, flexibility should be at the top of your packing list for any outdoor adventure. Rooftop camping opens up a whole new range of potential for your surfing adventures, and any other journey that may be calling to you. When your campsite is above ground, you can call anywhere home, including parking lots, rocky terrain, and unforgiving campgrounds.

7. Style Points

Let’s be honest, a sweet rooftop camping setup is the envy of everyone else at the campsite. And while we of course choose our gear for convenience and not for style, comfort and ease are a big plus for longer camping trips. You’ve earned it.

Roofnest surfers, what would you add? Share your rooftop camping and surf tips in the comments!

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