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Camp Better
in a Roofnest
Roof Top Tent

Discover the convenience, comfort, and easy
setup of hard shell roof top tent camping.

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Camp Better in a Roofnest Roof Top Tent

Discover the convenience, comfort, and easy setup of hard shell roof top tent camping.

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What People Are Saying About Roofnest

Stay Heads Above the Rest in a Roofnest

With a whole lot of headroom and a thick, comfortable foam mattress, a Roofnest roof top tent turns any vehicle into a cozy bed-on-wheels.

Camping off the ground means saying goodbye to sleeping on cold, bumpy, or uneven ground and saying hello to incredible views, a cleaner tent, and a better night’s sleep.

Plus, the durable shell and waterproof canvas walls of a Roofnest provide more protection from the elements like wind, rain, or hail. So no matter the weather, you’ll never have to take a rain check on staying warm and cozy during your outdoor adventures.


Get Outside Faster, Stay Longer

Whether you’re a casual camper or an avid overlander, a Roofnest roof top tent gives you the freedom to hit the road and camp anywhere you can park.

Just pop open the latches of your Roofnest and be done with setup in under a minute. No unfolding, no poles, and no protective covers to remove.

That means more time relaxing with friends and family, and less time wrestling with tent poles, sleeping bags, air mattresses, the works.


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Simply enter how many adults you need to sleep in your tent, the size of your vehicle, and your storage and gear-mounting preferences. We’ll tell you which Roofnest roof top tent is right for you. Our Tent Wizard tool takes the guesswork out of choosing a roof top tent.

Why Choose Roofnest?

Our Vision: To bring the camaraderie, wonder, and adventure of the great outdoors closer to every customer.

Our Mission: To make camping easy, accessible, convenient, and comfortable for explorers of every experience level by designing durable and easy-to-use hardshell rooftop tents.

Our Origin Story: Too legendary to make it bite-sized. Meet legendary outdoor enthusiast & Roofnest founder Tim Nickles, and discover how Roofnest came to be.

What Our Customers Have to Say...

“We absolutely love our condor XL but ours is the old model and it's a plastic top. No place to mount our solar panels, but the tent works great. never had a leak, built well, and plenty of room for me my wife and 2 kids. Just wished I'd have waited for this true hardtop because this plastic top warps and let's dust in. Still an awesome tent. Wished mine had the cover for the ladder because it will mess up the clear plastic sunroof on rainfly. We just use a towel. Lights inside tent did not work but roofnest compensated me for the default. Would highly recommend this tent to anyone. We love ours !!!! Great customer service too. They'll do you right if anything's wrong. I think the shipping company messed up my lights because there were dents and holes all in the box, but roofnest made it right even though they shouldn't have had to. Trade me mine with some extra cash for the new model roofnest, 😆” - Eric Holzkamm April 13, 2021
“I bought the Condor because it's usually just me and my Beagle using it. This tent is amazing and made of high quality material. It's definitely a conversation starter. My high point of owning this tent has been the customer service. When I installed the tent on my Outback for the first time, I found a crack in one of the corners. No evidence of such crack on the box. I worked with Hunter through email and though they weren't able to send a whole new tent, not that I expected them to, the solution he came up with was more than fair. I am beyond impressed with this company's care for their service. It's a big purchase, but completely worth it to have such an amazing tent and to have people who care about their customers with you. I highly recommend this tent and this company. Thanks again Roofnest team, you guys rock!” - Zach W April 5, 2021

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