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Roofnest is built on… adventure

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Roofnest is built on… adventure

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Our Mission

Escaping from the familiar sights and sounds of your daily routine and immersing yourself in nature refreshes, relaxes, and reminds you of what’s most important.

We make outdoor camping easy, accessible, convenient, and comfortable for campers of every experience level by designing durable and easy-to-use hardshell rooftop tents.

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Our vision is to bring the camaraderie, wonder, and adventure of the great outdoors closer to every customer.

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Our Roots

Tim Nickles, the Founder of Roofnest, is a 25-year Boulder resident who was practically raised outdoors. He spent his childhood traversing the Alaskan wilderness with hiking boots on his feet and camping gear on his back, strapping on his first pair of skis when he was barely 3 years old.

From a young age, Tim understood how being immersed in nature can shape who we are, and inspire who we want to be.

As he grew older and began to explore further — spending winters skiing in Chamonix, France, and summers mountain biking in Boulder — Tim came to appreciate how his camping gear was the key to accessing the outdoor lifestyle he’d been raised to love. Thus began his lifelong pursuit of modifying, designing, and creating outdoor camping gear that made packing up and sleeping under the stars easier and more comfortable than ever.

Using his first rooftop tent was a turning point for Tim. As an avid outdoor adventurer, a rooftop tent provided a night’s sleep as comfortable as his own bedroom — only to open his window and be greeted by fresh mountain air and awe-inspiring Alpine peaks. All this, without ever having to compete for a campsite, find a flat surface, or pitch a single pole.

From that moment, Tim knew rooftop tents would be a lifelong obsession. And in his typical spirit of improvement, he was quick to invest his time and expertise into designing a superior hardshell rooftop tent.

This is where Roofnest was born: from the love of leaving daily life behind and spending more hours discovering the breathtaking adventures and unforgettable memories that nature has to offer.

Adventure Journal

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Who doesn’t love an upgrade, right? We know our friends @dusty_the_outback certainly do. We’ve gotten a lot of love for our Sparrow XL series, but we figured we’d go ahead and make it even better than ever. HiConsumption recently took note of our newest tent upgrades — the bigger size, durable fabric enhancements, and improved […]

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Can Cats Go Camping? Yes, and Here’s the Cutest Proof Ever

Roofnest Team// April 9, 2021

When most of us think about taking our pets camping, a dog is the first animal that comes to mind. And while canine companions are certainly popular with many Roofnesters, our expectations have been turned upside down by the ongoing appearance of a particularly adventurous and adorable cat in the Roofnest Flock Facebook group. Meet […]

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April’s Rig of The Month: Edward Shin, Overlanding Expert

Roofnest Team// March 31, 2021

Welcome back to the Rig of the Month! This month, we’re showcasing Edward Shin and his impressive rig setup. Shin recently set out for an overlanding adventure with his friend, documenting his newest rig additions and sharing his secrets with us along the way.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by […]

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