Why Roofnest Is The Best Rooftop Tent

We now live in a time when outdoor living is more accessible and easier to prepare for than ever. That being said, all types of new, high-tech camping equipment is being released every day and it can be difficult to sort through it all to find the very best pieces for your specific needs.

One of the most tedious parts about going camping is getting to your site, scoping it out, setting up your tent, and hoping you’ve chosen a good spot. With the invention of rooftop tents, this task has been greatly reduced to simply just parking your car and popping it up. While rooftop tents are a relatively new addition to the world of outdoor living, and we’re here to provide you with the facts on why Roofnest is the best roof top tent for you, whatever your adventure may call for.

Roof top tents are an easy setup alternative to the typical “car camping” setup. When thinking about which rooftop tent may be the best for you, there are a few options on the market to consider. They are an investment that will last a long time, so there’s all the more reason to make sure you’re getting the right model for you. With Roofnest’s unique features, it stands out above its competitors. When considering a roof top tent purchase, your questions may be along these lines: How warm will it keep me? How comfortable is it? How difficult is the setup and take down? Will it fit on my vehicle? Can it sleep myself and a partner comfortably? Can it handle all the elements? And more. We’re here to provide you with all these answers, and also to show you why Roofnest is the best roof top tent out there.


When purchasing a roof top tent, your first question is most likely “Will it fit on my car?” Our Roofnests come in several models and sizes, making them able to be equipped on almost any vehicle you may have. When deciding on which tent is is the right fit for your vehicle, the roof racks are the most important piece in the equation. Equipped with the proper racks, our tents can fit on almost any vehicle. We have four models available, ranging from 47” x 82” on our smallest model to 53” x 82” on our largest. The smallest model, the Sparrow Eye, is able to easily fit on your Subaru, hatchback sedan, or jeep. For our larger model, any small SUV or larger off-road vehicle is good to go. Check out our FAQ for which type of racks are most suitable for your vehicle.


A big draw for roof top tents versus the traditional tent is the comfort level. Our Roofnests come equipped with a 7cm high-density foam mattress. Even in our Sparrow Eye, the smallest model, there is plenty of room for two to comfortably sleep with some room to spare. The interior of the tent is lined with a polyurethane-coated polyester and cotton blend with a waterproof rating of 3000mm to help insulate and keep the tent temperature controlled. For extra warmth in the winter, we also offer an attachable ptarmigan insulation to fit your desired comfort level. Our customers have tested our tents in some pretty extreme conditions, and it’s our goal to make your outdoor experience enjoyable no matter what mother nature throws at you.

Whether it’s sunshine, snow, or rain- we’ve got you covered and protected from the elements.

Setup and Takedown

When camping, the site is everything. For our Roofnest customers, we’ve enabled anyone to be able to close down and move spots as easily and as often as you would like. Our easy pop-up and take down technology allows you to set up and break down your tent in less than two minutes. The process is able to be completed by one person, so if you’re solo adventuring- no need to worry. Check out our videos to see for yourself how easy it truly is.


We’ve spent a long time developing the best possible product for our customers. Throughout the years we’ve listened to your reviews and ideas to make any improvements and changes that we felt could improve our customer experience. The hard top shell is equipped to handle whatever nature may throw at you, enabling you to stay out there and enjoy the trip even if the weather wasn’t as predictable as it once seemed. Inside the tent, you can enjoy a good nights sleep on a high-density foam mattress for your next day’s adventure. With our canopy sides, you’re able to be protected from the elements and still enjoy an amazing view and breath of fresh air. We also have zippered screen windows for extra airflow, and increased viewpoints so you’re able to really take it all in.

While our competitors have similar features, no rooftop tent provides the same quality and comfort as our Roofnest-specific models at our price point. We’re here to provide a comfortable solution for all outdoorsmen (and women) at whatever skill level they may be. Let Roofnest show you the world of rooftop tents, and why we believe a Roofnest is the best roof top tent for you.