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As our Roofnest community continues to grow, we’ve been impressed by new creative modifications to our products.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether solar panels can be attached to our tents. The answer is yes — but with varying difficulty and methods.

Best Tent Design for Solar Panels

If the ability to include a solar panel is an important consideration for you when choosing a hard shell roof top tent, our clamshell tents may be the best fit for your needs. The A-frame designs of both the Falcon and the Sparrow Eye allow for easier wiring and installation. Panels can be wired without the need of drilling or threading of wires through the actual tent itself.

If you prefer a pop-up style tent (or already own one), the installation of a solar panel can be a bit trickier. Luckily, our friends and ambassadors over at Over Kill Adventures have put together a fantastic instructional how-to-guide.

Though the guide focuses on installing a solar panel on the Sandpiper model, this method can be used on any of our Abs Fiberglass hard shell roof top tent.

Take a look at the guide through the link below to find out how you can incorporate solar into your Roofnest today. If you end up installing solar, we would love to hear how the process went. Best of luck with the installation!

Do you need a portable battery to store all of your new solar power? Check out our DIY Battery blog to find out how you can build one for under $125 »

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