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Borderline magical? We’ll take it.

At Roofnest, “Easy and Affordable Adventure” is our middle name (we know…it’s a long one). But we don’t have to toot our own horns — these days, everyone else is doing it for us.

The rave reviews of our Roofnest Falcon have been coming in so fast that we can hardly keep up with them, but we’re going to try anyway. From Gear Patrol to Autoblog to The Drive and more, see what campers, overlanders, and even dads with kids who typically aren’t too keen on camping are saying about the Roofnest Falcon.

Gear Patrol Loves the Falcon So Much They Reviewed It Twice

Tyler Duffy at Gear Patrol recently reviewed the Falcon, and called out the hard shell roof top tent’s prowess at making overlanding easy and affordable for campers of every level. READ FULL REVIEW >

In fact, the crew at Gear Patrol loved the Falcon so much, they reviewed it twice! Will Sabel Courtney followed up Tyler’s take with another thumbs-up review, calling the Falcon “borderline magical.” READ FULL REVIEW >

The Falcon is a Top Choice for Outdoor Sports Lovers

Leading outdoorsmen publication Wide Open Spaces (WOS), recently called out how fantastic the Roofnest Falcon is not just for casual campers, but for the more hardcore outdoor sports fanatic, too.

Travis at WOS points out the built-in accessory channels, roof rack compatibility, and rugged design as perfect for overlanders, fisherman, backcountry skiers, hunters, and anyone else with gear to tow.

Read the full Wide Open Spaces Falcon review here >

The Falcon is Spacious & Sets Up “Crazy Fast”

Like almost every reviewer who tries a Roofnest, Travis at WOS couldn’t help but be surprised by how spacious it is inside the Falcon. And the folks over at Outdoor X4 Magazine couldn’t agree more — their gear reviewer Michael Holland was straight up ecstatic at how fast it sets up.

The exact words he used? “Crazy fast.” READ FULL REVIEW >

Autoblog recently echoed this description, describing the set up and take down of the Falcon as incredibly easy: “Open with a simple push.” Yeah, that’s really all it takes. READ FULL REVIEW >

Roofnest Reinvents Camping for Families

We all know that the Roofnest Falcon is the perfect hard shell roof top tent for campers of all experience levels thanks to its super easy set up and super spacious interior (oh, and don’t forget about the “borderline magical” bit).

But the reviewers at The Drive take it a step further, saying that the Falcon is not only great for people who like to camp, but actually a pretty perfect way to experience the outdoors for people who don’t like to camp.

It makes sense — think of all the things that are not so great about traditional tent camping: uneven, cold, and bumpy ground, getting sand or dirt in your tent, setting up and tearing down your tent, the threat of bears and other critters…the list goes on.

Roofnest overcomes these inconveniences by providing you with a comfy, spacious, and durable bedroom on top of your car. So you can say goodbye to dirt in your tent, bugs, curious critters, and sleeping on hard ground.

Their reviewer Jon Langston is a family man. For him, the big appeal of the Falcon is that it means his family will actually be excited about spending a weekend outdoors. He describes how the Falcon made camping a fun experience for his kids, who would otherwise be unhappy about all the bugs and uncomfortable sleeping that can come with traditional tent camping.

He also couldn’t help but brag about his Falcon being the “envy of the campground,” with fellow campers stopping by to ask about his hard shell roof top tent, pointing out how much simpler it was than their pole-and-stake tents.

And isn’t escaping to a simpler lifestyle kinda the whole point of camping? Read the full Drive review of the Roofnest Falcon here >

“Camping has never been more comfortable”

Travel & Leisure has reviewed our tents multiple times this year, and in their latest adventure, they made it clear how they feel about it, proclaiming, “camping has never been more comfortable.” TripSavvy joined the chorus when they noted the “modern” and “intuitive” design of the tent.

The Falcon is the Perfect Escape When There’s Nowhere Else to Go

Coronavirus has made roof top tent camping a super popular summer activity this year. Those trips to Disney World, the Caribbean, or Europe are all off the table. The Great Outdoors, on the other hand, are never off limits.

If you’re looking to escape the confines of your home and get outside, a campervan, RV, or a camping trailer isn’t exactly a cheap or accessible option.

Our Falcon and Falcon XL can go on any car (yes, even a sedan), so you’ve got an instant bedroom-on-wheels. And as Duffy at Gear Patrol noted, our redesigned rail system with brackets allow you to bring all your favorite outdoor gear with you.

There’s a reason that Business Insider recently hailed the Falcon as “the best roof top tent” for camping. Because, you know, it’s the best. 

Made up your mind? Shop the Falcon now >

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