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Car and Driver Tries Out the Roofnest Sandpiper

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

Car and Driver Tries Out the Roofnest Sandpiper
It’s no secret that overlanding isn’t just for the hardcore gearheads and desert-crossing daredevils anymore (Mad Max, anyone?). More and more people are looking for ways to feel what it’s like to live life on four wheels — even if it’s just for the weekend. Ezra Dyer of Car and Driver strapped a Roofnest Sandpiper to the top of a Honda Passport to get a taste of the overlanding lifestyle for the weekend. He and his family decided on an accessible yet refreshing stay in a state park nearby, giving them the freedom to go off the grid but still use a toilet when the occasion called for it. If you’ve never tried a Roofnest roof top tent, one of the first benefits that always seem to wow new users is the ease and convenience of setting up camp. Dyer was no exception: “The appeal of the Roofnest became pretty obvious as we set up the tent. No matter how straightforward the assembly is, popping a tent is not going to be as easy to deploy as the Roofnest: Flip the latches, give the top half a nudge, and your domicile deploys on struts. Inside, there's a three-inch foam mattress and enough room for you to leave your bedding in place when you fold the top back into travel position.” Keep reading below for the full review of the Roofnest Sandpiper. With all this social distancing and stay-at-home commands on our hands, you just might find yourself dreaming of a backyard camp trip with your new Roofnest, too: “Clearly, we're going to have to rethink our conceptions of recreation for a while. Maybe give car camping a try. Even if it's only in your driveway, it's a nice escape from the norm.Read the full Car and Driver Roofnest Sandpiper review here » Wondering how or if you can camp safely this spring? Read our guide on safely camping during coronavirus before you head out »