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Is a Rooftop Tent Worth It?

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

Benefits of Owning a Roofnest|Benefits of Owning a Roofnest|Rooftop Tent Benefits|Benefits of Owning a Roofnest|Benefits of Owning a Roofnest|Benefits of Owning a Roofnest

If you are reading this, you probably are fully aware that camping in a good rooftop tent is much more comfortable, warmer, convenient, and easier to operate than a ground tent, and considerably less expensive than most vans that are well-equipped for camping. But there are several additional upsides that you may not have thought about when weighing your options.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Owning a Roofnest

If you’re considering adding a rooftop tent to your outdoor arsenal, we have compiled a short list from the flock listing a few unexpected benefits that owning your own Roofnest tent can bring. We didn’t have these perks in mind when we first started out, but we’ve quickly recognized they add something special to our rooftop tent series. Keep these in mind as you choose the rig that is right for you!

1. Confidence Boost

Words can’t fully describe the sense of accomplishment after your first completed adventure. Choosing a destination, setting out on the road, and planning out a quality campsite brings satisfaction to novice adventurers and experienced outdoor enthusiasts alike. Confidence comes from doing, and having a convenient option to get out and do on your own terms does wonderful things for the ego. Point out a place on the map and go; you’ll learn quickly what we’re talking about.

2. Bonus Accommodations

From hosting in-laws to welcoming out-of-town guests, sometimes you need extra space. A Roofnest tent can be that extra room you need to escape, put up a wild uncle who decided to join celebrations, or store pets who want to overzealously partake in festivities. We even know a few campers who have used their tents as a private retreat when AirBnb guests book their home (or rent out the tent itself as additional space). We do love options. 

3. Upgraded Sleep

Quality sleep is a proven factor for good health. Yet it’s not always easy to find, especially when you’re on the road. A rooftop tent can provide both the comfort and privacy you need to clock more Zzz’s. Open the latch and crawl inside --- you won’t need to fear any creaks you hear in the distance or worry about waking to unexpected wildlife pawing at your tent. With a rooftop tent, outdoor sleeping becomes warm, peaceful, protected, and restorative.  Roofnest tents can be near blackout dark and when you have four walls within touching distance the “crib effect” is magically comforting.

4. Long-term Savings

When you start to calculate airfare, lodging, and dinners out, even brief escapes turn pricey -- fast. A rooftop tent offers freedom and flexibility to keep adventures going: no more searching the internet for discounted reservations or combing calendars for available dates. The world becomes your search bar, an open invitation for magic and reprieve. While purchasing a tent is an initial investment, you’ll be saving money for years to come. The best part? If you want to part with your tent after your travel-itch is satiated, we have seen even five-year-old tents selling for 80% of their original value.

5. Memorable Tailgating Parties

Who would have thought a rooftop tent could make tailgating parties even more fun, but it’s true: more space, extra storage, and a place to sleep if the party gets out of hand. Bring drinks and snacks --- and take your bikes along, too. If you’re worried about the kids finding themselves in unsupervised trouble, many families appreciate having a safe and fun option to keep smaller humans contained.  

Have you noticed surprising benefits of your own? Or has your Roofnest tent “paid you back” in unexpected ways? Tag @Roofnest on Instagram or share your story on our Roofnest flock facebook group. We want to know where your Roofnest is taking you!