Look Inside the Falcon

In the video above, our Roofnest teammate Logan takes you on a tour through one of our most popular tent styles, the Falcon. From its next-level accessory channel to its three huge windows offering panoramic views, you’ll have a hard time getting the Falcon out of your head after watching this video.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Logan and I’m here today with Roofnest to showcase one of our most popular tents in our lineup, the Roofnest Falcon.

The Falcon offers a sleek yet rugged design that helps you save on gas when compared to those bulky soft shell tents. At only 6.5 inches when closed, this is our thinnest tent in the lineup.

Aluminum A-frame construction provides the durability you’ll want to withstand any adventure. The tent operates with our high-quality stainless steel gas struts. That’s going to push your tin up in a matter of seconds. They also help maintain the tent’s integrity, even in the windiest of conditions.

One of my favorite parts about the Falcon is the accessory channel. Now, what we’ve done here is added a T-slot system that’s going to allow you to completely customize your tent. For example, on this tent, we’ve included a shovel, two scene lights, a 270-degree awning on the back.

We have our stainless steel latches. We have our ladder hooks that are also stainless steel, and those can be positioned around the tent depending on how you want to enter it.

Unlike other rooftop tents, the Falcon’s roof is designed for storage. Up top, we’ve included our Falcon crossbars, which are also integrated into the channel system. These are sold separately. These are great for bringing out your bikes, your skis. Overall, you’re going to be able to carry everything you need on the Falcon.

One of the greatest features of any Roofnest tent is how easy they are to open. For example, the Falcon is opened with just two latches, which can be mounted anywhere on the channel system. After you undo both latches, you can simply push up the tent and within a matter of seconds, your tent’s ready to go.

Getting into the tank couldn’t be easier. We provide an eight and a half foot telescoping ladder and remember you can mount this ladder anywhere along the tent depending on if you want to get into the back or the sides.

Our tent material is both durable and extremely weatherproof. That means you’re not going to be having any leaks, tears, or rips, and the installation that it provides is fantastic. Inside are included your awning poles and your shoe bags which can easily be attached to the channel system like so.

The Falcon is one of our more spacious tents that we offer. We have two sizes: the regular and the XL. We’re looking at the XL today. Come on inside and let’s take a look.

So, as you can see, there is a ton of headspace inside this tent. Below me is our three-inch foam mattress. Included is a specially designed machine washable cover. The Falcon even has an anti-condensation mat under the mattress to provide additional condensation protection.

If you take a look behind us, we’ve got our storage bungee, keep things like clothes, bags, or even small LED lanterns secure and out of the way. On the sides, we have additional storage pockets for keys, phones, wallets, headlamps, or whatever else you’ve got.

All of the windows come with both bug mesh and tent material that zip up to help you provide that extra insulation that’s really going to keep you warm at night.

One feature we love is the panoramic view that you get with the three big windows. At the back of the tent, we have our largest window. There’s a shade awning that also functions as a door. Perfect for those hot sunny days. If you roll up the shade awning, you can unroll and zip down the rain awning, which protects the back entrance from any precipitation.

Closing the tent is just about as easy as opening it up. You’re going to make sure that all of the awnings are down and stowed away. You can place the awning poles back inside of the tent.

We have provided a bungee strap that does a great job of pulling the tent material in. Next, you grab the strap like so and begin to pull down and begin tucking the material inside of the tent. Just like that, your tent is stored and you’re ready to go to the next camp spot.

That is the Roofnest Falcon. We’ve hope you’ve enjoyed the tour today. Please don’t hesitate to check out our website or our Facebook group, The Flock.

If you have any more questions, please call us at (303)-872-6797 or you can email us at [email protected]. Thanks for watching and, as always, happy camping!