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Crisp air, golden leaves, and snot dripping down our faces…nothing beats mountain biking in the fall.

Except for maybe one thing: crawling out of your roof top tent in the morning and being greeted by shuddering aspen leaves, misty mountain tops, and the sound of Elk bugling in the distance.

Roofnest roof top tents go together with fall mountain bike adventures like marshmallows and hot cocoa (or even better, like whiskey and apple cider).

In our fall mountain biking video above, trail-blazing veteran and Boulder local Joey Schusler shows us how to enjoy the fall colors by shredding the trails and then kicking up his feet in our Roofnest Sparrow roof top tent.

As the air gets cooler, the mountain bike trails around Colorado stay hot. Make the most of your fall camp and mountain bike outings with a Roofnest roof top tent.

Check out more incredible videos of our Roofnests out in the wild »

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