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Best RTT For Rivian R1S

Duncan Burke

Apr 12, 2024

Best RTT For Rivian R1S

If you are looking to combine the fun of family camping with the technology and eco-friendly nature of a modern EV, you would be hard pressed to do better than the incredible Rivian R1S all-electric SUV. You get AWD capability, a rugged air suspension, and roundabout 400 miles of estimated range. Enough to get you way out into the wilderness and still get you back. But best of all, the Rivian R1S has a special Camp Mode that might make it the best vehicle on earth to mount a rooftop tent to.

This special camp mode uses the air suspension to automatically level the rig, so you never have to worry about parking in the flattest spot you can find. It also optimizes battery usage by setting timers for things like interior charging plugs and lights so you aren’t wasting electrons when you don’t need to. You can also activate a special “camp courtesy” mode that uses the lights on the mirrors to light up your campsite without turning on the headlights and disturbing any people or wildlife nearby.

Finally, we would be remiss to ignore the large factory cross rails you can add to the roof, perfect for perching a Roofnest roof top tent on top. The real question is which of the amazing Roofnest tents should you pick? Here are some of our favorites.

Sparrow 2

That latest version of our original tent design, the Roofnest Sparrow 2 is the tent for all the campers looking to enjoy the scenic views of their campsite. With it’s pop-up design, you get full 360-degree sightlines thanks to the massive windows on all four sides. This pop up design also leaves plenty of room inside the tent to store bedding and pillows when the shell is closed, freeing up more interior space inside your Rivian R1S. Especially useful for those traveling with kids and the extra gear required for them.

As part of the Sparrow 2 redesign, the new shell is sturdier than ever and comes covered with Line-X coating direct from our factory to help protect your new tent in the worst of weather and trail conditions. That new shell also means the Sparrow 2 is compatible with our Roofnest accessory crossbars, giving you even more mounting space on top of the tent for items like kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and more. The redesign also means you get new blackout tent material, two HVAC ports for utilizing external heaters or AC units, and multiple built-in dimmable LED lights.

All of this in a compact package that weighs just 130 pounds. With a closed size of 85-inches by 51-inches and a height of just 12 inches, the Sparrow 2 will sit perfectly on top of the Rivian R1S.

Condor Overland 2

If you want more space to stretch out while you sleep, or you are looking for even more storage options, you should consider the Condor Overland 2. This is one of our most luxurious tents and comes loaded with features and included equipment. Our new blackout tent material, integrated HVAC ports, and built-in LEDs are all here. You also get a special pocket grid to help keep your storage organized and there is a new large internal storage bag for stashing your bedding inside the tent when it’s closed.

Where the Sparrow uses a pop-up design, the Condor Overland 2 is a fold-out design, this does mean you lose the 360-degree views, but in exchange you get a properly cavernous sleeping area. The interior footprint is 81 inches by 53 inches. That is similar to the area of a queen-size mattress. More than enough room to spread out, and it gives you extra space if you are camping with a small child or a pet.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing the Condor 2 Overland is the shell. Instead of a reinforced ABS unit, the Overland uses an aluminum shell. Not only does this provide the strength needed to mount cross rails on top for extra storage, Roofnest has integrated channels into the side of the tent for even more mounting space. Around the edges of the tent there are five integrated T-channels which accept any standard M8 bolt, allowing you to secure items like traction ladders, shovels, or other overland gear.

Even with the increased sleeping space and metal shell, the Condor Overland 2 is still a relative lightweight in the tent market weighing just 190 pounds.


If you want something as compact and light as possible, may we suggest the Meadowlark. This is the smallest tent currently offered by Roofnest, and when packed up it is a mere 47 inches by 44 inches. When it comes to weight, this tent tips the scales at a scant 90 pounds. Some of us have dogs that weigh more than that.

Despite that diminutive footprint, thanks to Roofnest’s incredible design and engineering the Meadowlark folds out into a tent with a sleeping space that is 80-inches long and 43-inches wide, which is almost as much mattress space as the Sparrow 2 we started with. While the Meadowlark is a softshell tent, it doesn’t require external tie outs or extra poles to stay up. It uses a unique interior U-bar system to open and secure the tent. This means the tent can be set up and ready to go in less than 2 minutes.

Thanks to its size, the Meadowlark is great for anyone looking to reduce weight from their rig. Not only will this help maintain the battery range of your Rivian R1S, it also means you won’t completely cover that gorgeous glass roof, so you can still enjoy the views on the way to your campsite.

Another great use for the Meadowlark is those camping with kids. The Rivian R1S seats fold flat, giving you an area to sleep inside the cabin if you wanted. This means you and your significant other can park yourselves inside the cabin, and you can put the kiddos up top in the tent. Or if you prefer the sounds of the wild, you can flip the arrangement. The kids are safe and protected inside the Rivian while you and your partner enjoy a night under the stars.

No matter which Roofnest rooftop tent you go with, you are certain to have a wonderful experience getting out in the world and camping with your Rivian R1S.