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This month, we were very impressed by Vernon and Carla Habersetzer’s first-ever custom roof top tent rig.

Vernon showed us a walkthrough of his new Condor XL setup on their Jeep Wrangler Rubicon using a Rhino Rack, a little elbow grease, and some inspiration.

Vernon found that the Rhino Rack gave his Roofnest just enough space in between the rack so he could easily clip the tent on with incredible ease. We have to admit, it really does fit like a glove. How’s that for efficiency?

For Vernon’s wife and two teenagers that came along for the trip, he showed us just how spacious the interior of the Condor is. With 93″L x 74″W of space, they’ll be sleeping comfortably side by side (with plenty of room to slip out to the restroom during the night without disturbing others).

Of course, Vernon hooked up all the standard features on his rig — like a water tank and shoe bags. He’s planning on setting up an Annex as well for cooking, relaxing, and hanging out with the kids.

Check out last month’s rig on the Roofnest Overlanding blog >

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