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How to Feather Your Roofnest For Winter Camping

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

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Winter is here, which means looking forward to cozy fireplaces, warm slippers, and holiday movie binges. But for those of us who can’t turn off the need for adventure, being cooped up inside all winter just isn’t an option — no matter how cozy. With a warm and durable hard shell roof top tent, you never have to put away your camping gear for the season. And with social distancing mandates still in place and coronavirus cases on the rise, spending time in nature with your family is one of the last safe ways to have an epic weekend. If you’ve never gone winter camping before, it's not just for the outdoor pros. With a bit more prep and the right gear, you can have exciting and comfortable outdoor adventures all winter long. Once you’ve got your Roofnest, all that’s left is adding on a few cold weather camping accessories to keep your nest warm and cozy in even the chilliest winter months. Soon enough, you can add “camping in the cold” to the list of new hobbies you acquired in 2020. Here are a few cold weather camping essentials to make sure you stay nice and toasty on your next winter camping trip.

Roofnest Ptarmigan Tent Insulation

Keep out any cold breezes with quality insulation designed specifically for your Roofnest Sparrow and Sparrow XL roof top tent. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight feel of our Ptarmigan Tent Insulation — it’s engineered to keep you warm without adding more bulky items for you to pack on your winter camping trip. Not only is it easy to pack, but it’s easy to install, too! Just hook the insulation to the edges of the tent, and enjoy knowing you’ve increased the temperature in your Roofnest by nearly 30 degrees. Bring on the snow!

Mr. Heater Little Buddy Heater

When it comes to finding a heater for winter camping, you want to make sure it’s safe, compact, and most importantly, effective. The Mr. Heater Little Buddy Heater for hard shell roof top tents is all of the above. Don’t worry about packing a big, bulky heater with you: this tiny one packs a lot of punch, warming up your whole tent quickly. It’s camping prepped, too. The heater connects to a 1lb propane cylinder (sold separately). One cylinder provides over 5 hours of odor-free heat. Plus, the heater has a safety shut off that turns the heater off if it gets hot enough to catch something on fire or tips over, so if you drift off to sleep you don’t need to worry about it. Just be sure to let it cool down all the way before you break camp and head out!

Serta Reversible Microfleece and Sherpa Heated Throw

Imagine coming back to camp after a long day of snowshoeing, sliding off your wet boots and socks, and slipping under the heavenly softness of Sherpa throw. Now imagine turning that cozy throw to any temperature you need, and feeling the heat warm up your feet, toes, and everywhere else! The Serta Reversible Microfleece and Sherpa Heated Throw embraces you with super soft material in the perfect thickness, and with 4 heat settings. The throw automatically turns off in 4 hours for safety, so it works best as a way to heat you and your mattress as you drift to sleep rather than being your only source of heat throughout the night. No need to wake up cold in 4 hours!

Roofnest Condor Annex

One of the most important keys to staying warm during winter camping is making sure you stay dry. That means making sure you don’tuse too many layers so you don’t sweat too much and end up damp and cold. Instead, stick to 3 strategic layers consisting of a lightweight moisture-proof layeron the bottom (closest to your skin) and warmer layers on the outside. With your Rooftop tent, that means keeping the area where you cook and socialize dry with a simple yet incredibly powerful upgrade called the Condor Annex. The Condor Annex zips on to the rain fly of your Condor or Condor XL Roofnest and extends to the ground, providing an enclosed space protected from the elements. Two windows let the sunshine in, while the waterproof material and zip up entrances keep out moisture and wind.

Ecor Pro DryFan

After you’ve created a dry space outside your tent, make sure you keep the inside of your tent dry as well. The Ecor Pro Dry Fan is an industrial dehumidifier that not only eliminates moisture (which can make your tent damp and cold), but it safely gives off heat while it’s at it. While your Roofnest is well-sealed and waterproof from elements, moisture from entering and exiting (and/or kids or dogs constantly going in and out)can build up on the inside of your tent without proper preparation. At only 8x8x8 inches and weighing a mere 11 pounds, it’s easy to stash this handy fan anywhere — whether it’s tucked away in your Roofnest’s built in gear storage area, or attach it to the top of the tent. The fan is self-regulating, so all you need to do is set the humidity level you’d like, and the fan will dehumidify the exact amount needed to your tent dry and warm.

Roofnest Down Blanket

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From keeping you even warmer in your sleeping back to keeping you and your partner warm while stargazing, our Roofnest down blanket is a keeper. The blanket is large enough that the family can cuddle under it (7ft by 6ft), but compact enough that it can fit in any Roofnest roof top tent while closed. Made with top quality down, the Roofnest down blanket is the same quality as a fancy sleeping bag, but without the need to struggle with zippers and plenty of room to sprawl out.

Other Winter Camping Tips

Once your Roofnest has all the extra goodies to keep you warmer than ever, there are a few other steps you can take to ensure you and your family stay warm and dry all winter long. Add these steps to your camping prep checklist — you won’t regret it!
  • Make sure your snow tires are ready for any terrain and weather.
  • Bring a first aid kit that includes extra gloves, hand warmers, heat pads and polarized glasses.
  • Bring your favorite teas and thermoses to help you stay warm and hydrated.
  • Be sure to eat plenty of calories while you’re out in the wild — your body will need the fuel to stay warm.

Best Camping Recipes for Winter

Campfire cooking is one of the best parts of camping. It’s especially important in the winter months when a hot, filling meal will help keep you warm and energized. Try some of our tried-and-true recipes designed to nourish you after all your fun winter adventures. Try out these satisfying campfire meals >