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Travel Enthusiasts Review the Roofnest Sparrow

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

Sometimes, even the most avid campers can get stuck in a rut. It’s not always convenient or affordable to hit the road at a moment’s notice. And going to your go-to camping spot can get old. That’s why Kate & Cody, a pair of outdoor enthusiasts, decided to invest in a roof top tent to “spice up” their camping experience. After doing plenty of research into hard shell RTT’s, they ultimately landed on the Roofnest Sparrow series. Comfort was a non-negotiable for the couple, so they loved reading reviews about happy campers staying off the cold, snowy ground at night. With the Sparrow model, they were also able to stow their heavy bedding in the Roofnest while it was closed, which saved them a ton of time setting up and breaking down. Being elevated on the car also made them feel safe: “I mean, a bear is going to have to put in some serious effort to come say hello,” they joked. Humor aside, they woke up on their first morning feeling secure and enjoyed the epic view of the sunrise above the tree line. You can read Kate and Cody’s full review here > The Roofnest Sparrow is an excellent alternative to traditional “van life.” At the end of the day, Kate & Cody chose a roof top tent for simplicity, comfort, and efficiency. “We created our tiny home on wheels, and we can’t wait for more adventures!” Bringing your family along for the fun? Check out our favorite roof top tents for large families >