The Future of Camping Is Electric

Starting April, 2022, electric-vehicle owners who purchase a Roofnest rooftop tent can receive up to a $225 rebate.*

EV owners, we appreciate you

Starting April, 2022, electric-vehicle owners who purchase a Roofnest rooftop tent can receive up to a $225 rebate.* This rebate bridges the gap between today’s EVs and Roofnest’s future EV-optimized tent models, incentivizing current EV owners to adopt rooftop camping and reflecting Roofnest’s appreciation of early EV adopters in the adventure-vehicle market.

*Verified buyers can choose between a $100 cash rebate or Roofnest Down Blanket valued at $225.

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This impacts all of us

In late 2021, nearly 1,000 homes were destroyed in the wildfire that ripped through Boulder County, Colorado, home of Roofnest. The threat of wildfires continues to worsen with each season, contributing to what the WHO recently declared as “the single largest environmental threat to human health and well-being,” poor air quality. A sweeping adoption of EVs will help improve air quality across the country, decrease our energy dependance, and slow climate change. Committing to an electric future is simply a first step in broader changes to come at Roofnest.

Our focus is on an EV future

Virtually every major global automaker has committed to electrifying their entire portfolio in the coming decade. Similarly, Roofnest has already begun designing its next generation of rooftop tents optimized for electric vehicles. Through the development of more efficient and sustainable products, Roofnest aims to make camping and outdoor exploration more accessible for drivers of electrified vehicles, while simultaneously encouraging more people to adopt EVs.

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“We at Roofnest believe the future of camping is electric, but while we work on our next generations of tents, we wanted to thank those who have already made the switch to electric, as we gear up for Roofnest’s EV future.”

Tim Nickles, Founder

Ready for a rebate?

Please fill out the form below to choose which rebate you want, and verify you are the owner of a fully electrified vehicle equipped with a Roofnest. You will need to provide us with: 1) a photo of your Roofnest mounted on your EV at a real campsite in the wild, (Please show your full vehicle and tent deployed) and 2) the original order number of your Roofnest tent (located in the subject line of your order confirmation email).

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