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Overland Expo East: Outdoor Adventure in the Appalachians

Image courtesy of When you think of outdoor adventure, your first thought probably isn’t the East Coast — especially if you’re used to the Rocky Mountains like we are. And when you think of overlanding, it’s even more unlikely that you pair the activity with Washington, D.C. For most of us, our nation’s capitol […]

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VIDEO: Fall Mountain Biking With Joey Schusler

Crisp air, golden leaves, and snot dripping down our faces…nothing beats mountain biking in the fall. Except for maybe one thing: crawling out of your roof top tent in the morning and being greeted by shuddering aspen leaves, misty mountain tops, and the sound of Elk bugling in the distance. Roofnest roof top tents go […]

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3 Tips to Trail Ride Like a Local No Matter Where You Are

Hey Roofnest Flock, Tim Nickles here. From the Appalachian Mountains to the Sierra Nevadas, there’s hardly a corner of our great country where you can’t find a new mountain bike trail to enjoy. Whether you find yourself wandering a new city while on a business trip or stopping off in a small town along your […]

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Roofnest Tips & Features

Your Safety Guide to Roofnesting with Kids

When it comes to planning a family camp trip, there’s nothing like skipping the slog of gathering all your camping gear before hitting the open road. A rooftop tent gives your family the freedom to throw your hiking boots and s’mores gear in the back of the car and take off, assured that your weekend […]

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Hardshell vs. Soft Shell Rooftop Tents: Pros and Cons Part 2

More and more campers are turning to roof top tents, and for good reason. You can turn your car into a traveling tent, allowing you to camp wherever you can park your car — at music festivals, in the back country, or at the beach — you name it. This is the second-part series in […]

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Why Roofnest Is The Best Rooftop Tent

We now live in a time when outdoor living is more accessible and easier to prepare for than ever. That being said, all types of new, high-tech camping equipment is being released every day and it can be difficult to sort through it all to find the very best pieces for your specific needs. One […]

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Adventure Journal

3 Tips to Trail Ride Like a Local No Matter Where You Are

Hey Roofnest Flock, Tim Nickles here. From the Appalachian Mountains to the Sierra Nevadas, there’s hardly a corner of our great country where you can’t find a new mountain bike trail to enjoy. Whether you find yourself wandering a new city while on a business trip or stopping off in a small town along your […]

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Reddy Yeti Interview with Roofnest Founder Tim Nickles

Earlier this summer, Roofnest founder Tim Nickles sat down for an interview with Josh Salvo of Reddy Yeti. Reddy Yeti is an outdoor club that gives members access to the most innovative gear from startups and small businesses at exclusive prices. Quirky, cutting-edge, and utterly obsessed with the outdoors, Reddy Yeti is an obvious friend […]

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How To Build a Portable Camping Battery For Undert $125

You’ve got your camping setup dialed in, and you want to extend the weekend to milk a little more out of your trip. But you also want to charge your phone, run your 12V Fridge overnight, light up your camp, and bang out a little work on your laptop so your boss doesn’t get testy […]

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September National Park Highlight: Rocky Mountain National Park

  Howdy, Flock! This month we’re excited to highlight Rocky Mountain National Park in our Roofnest home state of Colorado! If you’ve never been to this park before, now is the time to start planning your trip! RMNP spans over 415 square miles and boasts over 300 miles of hiking trails. To plan your trip […]

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August Live Outside & Play

Hey, Flock! With summer winding down, we’re trying to squeeze in as many adventures as we still can. This month, we’re continuing to join our friends Ben and Roxy on their LOAP travels through Colorado! If you’re in the area be sure to drop in and say hi at one of these awesome events: LOAP […]

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Destination of the Month: Big Sur, California

Hey there, Flock! We’re back with our Destination of the Month, and for August it’s Big Sur! We’re excited to showcase a little of what this beautiful place has to offer. Big Sur is a central coastline in California that provides stunning views of rugged mountains, Redwood forests, and beach views unlike any other. The […]

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Ambassador Highlights

September Live Outside & Play

  We’re back again showcasing our resident #VanLife ambassadors Ben and Roxy from Live Outside and Play! In September, they’ll still be hanging around in Colorado for the last few adventures of the summer. If you’re in the area, be sure to try and swing by and event to connect with some fellow outdoor enthusiasts […]

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August Ambassador Highlight – Francis Fraioli

This month we’re excited to highlight one of our ambassadors, Francis Fraioli! He’s been a member of the Roofnest Flock since 2018 and has cruised around the country in his FJ and Sparrow Eye! Be sure to check out his IG @iamnomad_ for some epic shots of his latest adventures. Hailing from Montreal, Francis is […]

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June Ambassador Highlight

Todd Hendrickson We’re bringing you another Flock Ambassador Highlight, and this month we’re featuring Todd Hendrickson! He’s been a Flock member for two years and we’re excited to show you a little bit of what his world of adventure is like. Check out his Instagram and follow along! @hoptodd Tell us a little about yourself: […]

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News & Press

Roofnest Falcon Favorited by Expedition Portal

In the newest installment of exciting Roofnest press, Chris Cordes of Expedition Portal recently reviewed our newest aluminum hard shell clamshell tent, the Roofnest Falcon. In going from his previous hulking canvas roof top tent with a wooden door to the sleek, durable and lightweight Falcon, Cordes experienced a coming-to-god moment (our words) about how […]

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Colorado FM Interviews Roofnest Founder Tim Nickles

Roofnest Founder and CEO Tim Nickles was recently invited to be interviewed by Doug Stetzer, host of Colorado.FM. Colorado.FM is an ongoing podcast series that highlights artists, authors, entrepreneurs, gear companies, and more around Boulder, Crested Butte, Denver, Nederland, and Silverton. In this interview, Tim talks about everything from what brought him to Colorado 15 […]

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Roofnest Featured on the Outdoor Biz Podcast Blog

This month, we were fortunate enough to have our Founder and CEO, Tim Nickles sit down for an interview with Rick Saez, host of The Outdoor Biz Podcast. The Outdoor Biz Podcast is a weekly podcast where executives, athletes, designers, retailers, and other outdoor industry leaders offer stories, tips, strategies, and ideas that you can […]

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Jon Mottern

My hardshell cracked from a corner to no user error or impact and roofnest's warranty solution was sending me a $7 tube of JB Weld. I was within my 1-year warranty period. They acknowledged that this could've happened in shipping but that the crack was below the rubber liner.Sorry, but roofnest is just a rebranded version of this: reason I bought a Roofnest is because I wanted an American company to stand behind the product and roofnest did not deliver. If you want a hardshell it's a good option but save your money and buy something like the link above. Roofnest does not support their customer base.

David Crane

We are one week into a road trip with our new ROOFNEST and really loving it. Super easy setup and breakdown. The bed is very comfortable! Our sleep is so much better than a tent. We highly recommend The ROOFNEST and love it on our 4Runner. People come up and ask us daily how we like it.

Shekhar Sharma

Progressive approach Would love to try it

Liz Thomas

We have a Roofnest Eagle and could not be happier with it. It's effortless to pop it up and a breeze to lower for travel. I feel like we have our bedroom with us no matter where we go. It's so roomy, well designed, and comfy. Love it!

Gerhard Tratter

I purchased the Sparrow X for my Subaru Outback and since have logged a couple of months worth of adventure travel which included deep snow, lots of rain and ice, crazy dessert winds and freezing nights as well as tons of gorgeous days. I love the simplicity of the setup and breakdown, the ventilation when needed and the space the nest provides me (traveling mostly solo, occasionally with a friend). The nest is solid and performs excellent in adverse conditions and is a great shelter. I am most impressed by the personalized service and follow up form the Roofnest team when it comes to questions. Example, when I purchased my nest it was bundled with a refrigerator. The fridge had some issues, and Roofnest immediately replaced it with a new one without any hassle. I strongly recommend the company and it's product and service. 5-star all the way around!

Steven A Yen

I’m planning on purchasing a Roofnest Eagle this week and I’ve been speaking with Ross in Sales. The service and team work that Roofnest have provided so far is awesome. Ross has made sure to answer all my questions and has ensured on making this transaction convenient for me. I’m looking forward to joining the Flock and sharing many experiences in the near future with my family. Thank you Ross and Tim for making this experience a good one so far. I hope to be adventuring this week with a New Eagle Roofnest.

Alexander Calder

we are from Michigan, and visiting friends in Colorado last year. Tim was good enough to invite us to see the Roofnest on his company van. that sold us! it arrived in perfect condition when we ordered or a couple months later. in addition, I've never seen a company more responsive to comments or concerns from owners and prospective customers on social media. highly recommend, and love ours!

Pam Coblentz

They have been super helpful as we were trying to decide which RTT company to go with and which model. We just got it today and it's awesome!

Christine Shedron

The roofnest is so great. Sets up in a matter of minutes. Storing the bedding inside is fantastic as well. We ordered and a few days later it arrived. Everyone we have worked with at Roofnest has been great. Ross answered all of our questions regarding roof racks so we could put it on our FJ Cruiser. Great company!!! Highly recommended.

Nick Voreas

Hands down the most cherished piece of gear I own. Light, nimble, sturdy, and best of all it's easy. It fits just as easily on my old Subaru Crosstrek as it does on my new Toyota Tacoma. I've put this thing through the ringer and it's stood up to everything I've thrown at it. Camping on a frozen lake in the White Mountains of NH with a -35 degree wind chill, to hot muggy summer nights in the Shenandoah. Night after night this thing has proven itself. The guys at Roofnest have really created something in a league of it's own.

Selena Pang

I love my Roofnest, what freedom to carry a reliable tent atop my 2016 Hybrid Rav4. Easy to pop up even in the dark, no messy tent issues in the rain. At 5'4", I struggled with the set-up and tear down of the Yakima SkyRise rooftop tent, and I'm grateful for the ease of use and comfort that the Roofnest provides. Roll into a campsite late at night after a long day of driving and be asleep in minutes. The foam mattress provided is comfortable alone, and the interior of my Sparrow is plenty spacious for me to want to lay around, relax and read on my activity rest days. I was between the Sparrow and the Sparrow Eye, but I'm super glad I went with the bigger one. The Sparrow Eye would be perfect for a smaller car. I didn't have any issues with weight or drag going 75mph. Great product, great price, great customer service (Thanks Tim!), highly recommend.

Shane Biller

I saw this on an Outback, while on a hiking trip in the Rockies. Fell in love with it. Hope to get one soon.

Zach Reed

Kyle Von Eiff

Kimi Zhang

Adam Schalow

My Sparrow X is literally the most comfortable and handsome Roof Top Tent that I’ve owned! Thank you Roof Nest for an excellent product and for making my adventures that much more comfortable and worry free! �

David Coggins

Trip to OBX with the new Roofnest . Had a night with reported unsustained 70 mph gust . Very impressed with the performance of my tent.

David Smith

After hemming and hawing for a bit, we opted to go with Roofnest over competing solid canvas rooftop tents. Yes, we could have saved a little money and had more space, but we opted for a hard shell model and Roofnest got the nod. Despite some shipping complications (freight company's fault, not Roofnest's), we received our Eagle just in time for a rain soaked holiday weekend. We mounted it on our long bed (8') F150 using a Yakima Bedrock and drove to a nearby national forest for some camping and hiking. We headed out despite knowing the forecast. After all, you don't always get to use your gear under ideal circumstances and we wanted to know how our Roofnest (and other untested gear) would hold up. I'm pleased to report that it performed very well. The tent was sat erected in a steady 36 hour drizzle and didn't allow any water intrusion. As a matter of fact, when we went to stow it the canvas was mostly dry. Any water had beaded up and flowed down the sides. There was some internal condensation on the walls at night, but it quickly dried and could possibly be mitigated entirely once we figure out how to properly vent it. Space wise, the tent was roomier than I expected and there was ample storage, including hooks for our damp hiking gear. The included shoe holders were an especially nice touch. For what it's worth, one can also use regular bedding in lieu of sleeping bags. Extra care must be taken when entering and exiting the tent with shoes on, but it's perfectly doable. Queen sized flat sheets are ideally sized for this purpose. Because the tent mounts just above the sides of our truck bed and well below the top of the cab, the fuel economy hasn't been adversely affected. If anything, I could possibly be seeing a slight gain in gas mileage due to possible aerodynamic improvements. Lastly, enough can't be said about Tim's level of customer service. He's answered every question that I've had, which has been many, both promptly and courteously. An excellent product with a very involved owner make for a bright future. We wish Roofnest all the best!

Mark Willis

Carl Stone

Roofnest Rocks!!! Our team at UOU OUTDOORS has been using Roofnest for several months now. We did a lot of research before choosing a rooftop tent. The quality, functionality, price, & customer service Tim Nichols provides is heads & tails above the rest ... so much so we intend to continue putting a Roofnest tent on each vehicle we add to our fleet.

Jon Cameron

I received my Roofnest in Rhode Island and have been using it all over New England for the past week. Once done bouncing around here, I'll camp out of it across country to Colorado. Can't wait to take it the rest of the way across country to the PNW and then back across Canada this summer!

Brian Young

Just spent a week living out of this tent on a Road trip to CA. It was amazing. Totally hit some mega wind storms and rain in Red Rock and the tent was so solid! I have a sparrow and at 6'5 I fit no problem!