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The Best Roof Top Tent For a Small Car

Duncan Burke

May 8, 2024

The Best Roof Top Tent For a Small Car

"After my experience with the Meadowlark Roofnest tent, I’m happy to say that the product is nearly faultless. Everything in this rooftop tent has been carefully thought out to make camping as easy, uncomplicated, and as comfortable as possible for the modern traveler (there’s even a USB-powered light strip) without losing one of the most important aspects of camping: Being immersed in nature."

- Matador Network


At Roofnest it's our mission to make camping better so that you can enjoy nature to its fullest, and so, we couldn't be more pleased with this product review of our beloved Meadowlark that lays claim to exactly that.

As outlined in the article, with it's light weight / small footprint the Meadowlark is the best roof top tent for small cars, and can be easily removed and stored safely when not in use making it an ideal companion for the occasional camper. 

Another goal at Roofnest is to make roof top tent camping accessible to everyone, and we feel the Meadowlark does just that.

This tent doesn't require a serious rig or platform rack (non of them do actually) that so many think of when considering if a rooftop tent is right for them. And as far as soft shells go, the Meadowlark is unique in that it maintains the ease of deployment associated with hard shell tents, yet is streamlined for those who don't require the durability and compatibility with accessories and gear that hard shell tents do.

The Meadowlark is also a great bang for your buck! 

Building on the success of the Meadowlark and new to 2024, the Meadowlark XL achieves something quite unique: more interior room while leaving more room on your roof rack for gear storage. Impossible you say!? I know... that's why we pay our product team the big bucks :-)

For more information on which Roofnest is right for you, reach our to our sales team at


Happy Camping,

Team Roofnest