10 Reasons You Need A Roofnest

You’re an outdoor enthusiast. An explorer. A camper. Who doesn’t like a night out under the stars? We sure do. And owning a Roofnest makes our outdoor experience SO. MUCH. BETTER. It’ll make yours better, too. Check out these 10 reasons to own a Roof Rack Tent, specifically a Roofnest:

1) The #vanlife isn’t as magical in real life as it is on Instagram.

When you search #vanlife on Instagram, you immediately want a vintage Westie parked in the woods around a campfire. The truth: it isn’t so pretty. We pass tons of broken down vans on the road, and with a Roofnest you can have the comfort of a traveling home while still driving a reliable vehicle.

2) Snakes, spiders, bears — you name it!

Being elevated is the name of the game when it comes to camping. Staying off the ground means less chance of encountering a snake in your tent, waking up to a spider on your face, or worst case scenario — a bear. With a Roofnest roof rack tent, you’re up above the rest, taking in the bird’s-eye view.

3) Comfort.

Let’s face it. No matter what sleeping pad you buy, it’s not as comfy as a mattress. In your Roofnest, you’ll be sleeping on a 6 cm thick high density foam mattress. After a long day out hiking, you’re sure to get a good night’s sleep.



4) Set up your tent in one minute, not 10.

Leaving after work on a Friday to get that perfect camping spot before the rush on Saturday morning? You have two options. Get your head lamps out, find a flat spot, roll out your tent, set up the poles, stake it down, attach the rain flap, unroll your bedding, and hope you didn’t put your tent on top of a bunch of rocks. Or get to your campsite, pop up your Roofnest, and get a good night’s sleep. We’ll let you decide …

5) Be the campsite legend you’ve always dreamed of being.

There’s no two ways of putting it, people think you’re badass if you have a Roofnest. You will have people from all over the campsite asking you about it and, if you’re lucky, they even bring beer.

6) You’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.

You’re always ready to head out on your next adventure with a Roofnest. Get in your car and go. Leave the worry about where you’ll sleep behind — your basecamp is right there with you. Get out. Adventure more.

7) Extend your camping season.

If you’re in the mountains or other temperate areas, your camping season is short and sweet. It might be cut thanks to rain in the early season or an unexpected snowstorm in September. With Roofnest’s roof rack tents fiberglass shell and thick, insulated, weatherproof side walls, you can camp in the rain or snow with no worries.

8) Save room for your gear.

We know you can always use more room for your gear. Bikes, kayaks, crash pads, harnesses. Sometimes your activities are limited by the amount of room — or lackthereof — in your car. Luckily, you can store all of your bedding and more in a Roofnest, which leaves you more room for the toys you want to bring along. With a Sparrow X, you even have an extra roof rack, too!

9) Become a part of the Roofnest Flock.

When you buy a Roofnest, you get so much more than a tent. As a part of the Roofnest Flock, you can connect with like-minded individuals who will answer questions, show you amazing trips, inspire you to travel more. All while making new friends along the way.

10) Keep it on your car at all times.

With the sleek and strong design of a Roofnest, it has minimal fuel economy reduction and can withstand whatever mother nature throws at it. This means you can keep your Roofnest on your car all year long. You just never know when an impromptu camping opportunity might present itself.

We could go on and on with reasons why you should own a Roofnest, but we’re pretty sure you got the point at about reason No. 4. So, head on over to our store, and order up your next best camping adventure today!

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