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Winter Camping Essentials

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

Winter Camping Essentials

Winter camping essentials

Just because summer has ended and colder temperatures have arrived doesn’t mean you have to put your outdoor adventures on pause. One of the perks of rooftop camping is the ability to hit the road when your schedule allows. The best part? You’ll be saving money along the way, especially during busier holiday seasons. 

Hold off on storing your camping gear for next season — true adventurers know that nature is a year-round playground. With the right planning and a few strategic packing decisions, you can make sure your next winter camping trip is warm, cosy, and full of lasting memories. 

While temperatures will dictate what you need to stay warm, there are a few key pieces you won’t want to leave at home:

Supplies for a good night’s sleep

Pack sleeping bags that are suitable for colder climates and check to make sure your protection matches expected temperatures. We recommend you look for sleeping bags with at least a zero-degree fahrenheit rating. Winter-specific sleeping pads can be layered beneath your sleeping bag to help create insulation and keep bodies warm. For added comfort, warm your bed with bottles filled with hot water before you tuck in for the night. Even without a heater, our rooftop tents can be made comfortable, and you’ll be drifting off to restorative sleep in no time. Although we do not make winter-specific rooftop tents, we do provide tent insulation that lines the interior of your tent and converts your rooftop set-up into a warm winter haven.  

Clothing packed with care

With any outdoor sport, the right clothing layers can make or break even the most meticulously planned excursion. The base layers you use for skiing and winter activities can double as nighttime pajamas. Woolen fabrics are always the most insulating, and you can keep your head and feet warm with thick hats, down booties, and camping socks

Establish comfort with details

Headlamps and lanterns can cast a warm aura in your tent. And if you’re planning on camping regularly in the winter, you may want to consider a rechargeable heated blanket. These blankets can hold about four or five hours of heat per charge, so you can make your sleeping area toasty before calling it a night. 

If you’re bringing the dogs along, be sure to check out our must-have items to keep furry friends warm.

Plan warming meals

From your first morning coffee to hearty nighttime skillets, the right recipes can hit the spot when you’re seeking comfort and warmth. Camping meals don’t have to be basic, and you certainly do not have to resign to eating day-old sandwiches. Prepare a menu with fresh ingredients that will leave you satisfied and ready to hop back out on the trails or drift off to sleep with a full belly.

Expect the best (but prepare for the worst)

In the wild, the unexpected can always happen. Having extra down blankets and layers is always recommended. A diesel heater, traction maps, snow shovels, and insulated thermal heat mats for relaxing in the snow can also add comfort to winter adventures. We like setting up the Condor annex to create an extra enclosed camping space — think of it as your cosy living room! And, of course, be sure your gas tank is full so you can crawl inside and turn on the heater if you get really cold. (We also suggest you have a backup plan in place should the night become too cold for your own good. Keep in mind that every adventurer has a different tolerance for the cold.)

Want more tips for winter camping or not sure which Roofnest tent is right for you? Contact a member of our crew. We’re here to help.